Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend damper

Posted by Dawn at Monday, September 23, 2013
Last Saturday was one of the few Saturdays when we were free. So I suggested taking the children for horse riding near Punggol Beach as Danielle has been wanting to ride horses again, since the last time she tried when we were in Penang a couple of years ago.

So at about 4 plus, we drove there, parked our car at the "Outward Bound School" carpark, crossed the road to "Punggol Ranch"

This place is owned by "Gallop Stables" and you can not only ride horses here, you can also have a staycation in one of these trailers for your family. When we went there, we could see a number of families staying inside.

Each horse/pony ride costs $10 for a round at the back of the trailers, along the path- to and fro. Makes you feel like you are not in Singapore. So, Caleb had his first ride on the pony and he seemed to like it.

As for Danielle- the one who said she wanted to come for this, in the end, she cried and refused to get on the pony just because she doesn't want to wear the helmet! Can you believe that? Oh well, but that is my girl. The kind of girl who knows what she wants and when she doesn't want, nobody can force her. I can relate to as its totally my genes! haha! 

Anyway, from all that crying, it kind of dampen the whole outing as she was still whining and crying when we brought the children to the Punggol beach for cycling. So in the end, Caleb was cycling while CT went on Danielle's skate scooter to accompany Caleb.

Caleb has been rather speedy in his bicycle. He is such a boy! Doing stunts from standing up while cycling, to cycling with one hand and going real fast down the steep slopes by still pedalling hard. That's my boy.

There was major construction going on along the beach which is a good sign as it means more happening things coming to Punggol! Yay!! I am guessing F&B outlets!

 Finally, Danielle opened up again and smiled when she took over Kor Kor's bicycle!

Thought that would be the end of the drama for the day until when we went back to our car at the carpark to go for dinner, we saw this!!! A vehicle actually hit our car and went off ! So pissed and sad at how humans can be like irresponsible!

Thank God, someone left a note on our windscreen telling us of the car plate number of the trailer that hit our car. But didnt really do much good since the witness didn't leave us her number (yes, guessing its a girl from her super neat handwriting)

After what had happened, I didn't have much appetite. We went straight to the police station to file a report for insurance and had a quick bite nearby before heading back home. Sigh..

I tried to find something positive from this situation and all I can say is thank God that we were not in the car when this happened and that no one is injured or traumatised.

Just had a random thought that maybe its better off without a car..


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