Tuesday, October 01, 2013

New friend

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, October 01, 2013
I have just turned my status from a teacher to a stay-at-home mum to a nanny all within 2 months. Just last week, I saw an advertisement pasted outside my lift lobby asking for someone to take care of her Primary 2 daughter during the day time as both parents work. I was interested as I am always at home, have a helper for now and I can have a bit of income just by being at home. So why not?

So I contacted the mum and she happens to stay in the same block as me. So I told her it may be hard for me to commit as I may go out at times and my family goes on holidays. She came down to my place for a visit with her daughter and liked my house. She commented that she likes the environment. So she said why don't I just take care of her daughter for one month while she go look for a more permanent nanny. Yep, so I agreed since my helper will be with me till end October. So she can also help me take care of this girl.

Her name is Ying Xi and I only agreed this because she is old enough to take care of herself since she is 8 years old. And its also a good opportunity to know my neighbours and bless them. So why not?

On the first day, when I went to her school to pick her up, it was terrifying and so surreal for me as I saw throngs of people gathering outside the school gate, waiting to pick up the kid. It was interesting to see the emotions of mums outside the school gate and sad to see mums raising their voices and ticking their child off at the school gate after picking them up.

Was pleasantly surprised when my children adapted to Ying Xi very well and vice versa. They warm up to strangers much faster than adults, I feel, as they do not have their guards up. For adults, we probably overthink and worry too much that our walls are usually up.

Anyway, glad Ying Xi could fit in so well with my children. I cook for her lunch and dinner. After lunch, I would tell her to go do whatever she likes first. Then about 30 mins later, I would revise work with her or prepare her for her tests.

It is fun as I love investing my time in what is meaningful and I am glad she is not a difficult child to handle.

When my children come back from school, they would have their tea time together before they start on their homework.

Then usually after bath, they would play!

After dinner, her mum would come about 8pm to pick her up and often, I see how she doesn't seem to want to go back with her mum even after spending the whole day at my house. I really thank God that my family has this opportunity to bless her family and I pray that they will see Christ love in us!


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