Monday, October 07, 2013

4-eyed boy

Posted by Dawn at Monday, October 07, 2013
I used to wonder why children in Singapore are wearing spectacles at such a young age and most of the time, I would think it's because they are spending too much time on the TV or computer.

Little did I know that my son would also end up being 4-eyed at a young age- even before starting Primary school! But now, I know that instead of  'judging' the child for watching too much TV or playing computer games, I know that the answer can just be genetic because my son hardly watches TV or play games.

I used to only restrict my children to playing with my ipad for 10 mins each on Saturday and Sundays (which to me is already quite pathetic) and they hardly watch TV only maybe one or two shows on weekends but about 1-2 months ago, I totally stopped them from computer games as me and my hubby agreed that they can be more healthier substitutes than jumping over obstacles or beating up people in computer games, that can also be fun for them. So since then, I have been playing more board and card games with them. So if you do not know what to get for my children on Christmas or birthday, please get me board games or card games that is fun and engaging, especially those from the creators of GameWright!

I have been playing Board Games like Monopoly, Sudoku, Snakes and Ladders, The Game of Life and for card games-Donkey, Old Maid, Pictureka. Also went on to teach them checkers and tic tac toe as well. I have to say..I need patience as it does take a while for them to understand the game and learn the strategies.

Anyway, back to my 6 year old son. His right eye is quite bad with a degree of 275 while is left eye is almost perfect. So because of that, he has to wear spectacles so that he does not get lazy eye. Caleb hates it and initially refuses to wear. He was also very self-conscious that his friends would laugh at him. But of course with much encouragement and explanation, he wears them and is probably a matter of getting used to it.

From all this, I am thinking to myself that I am getting a more mature boy who is growing up fast and hopefully, matching his actions to his looks as a professor or doctor now, which he claims he now looks like with his spectacles on!

While I was taking this picture (as we were waiting for their school bus), I started feeling that very soon, both my children will not be going to school together in the bus as my son goes to Primary One next He is really growing up faster than what I want.


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