Friday, September 06, 2013

Class Belle

Posted by Dawn at Friday, September 06, 2013
Danielle has been doing great in school, as claimed by her teacher when we went to her school yesterday to pass to her teachers the Teacher's Day presents as well as to see Caleb's teachers who wanted to meet up with us for the Parent-Teacher Conference.

Danielle's teachers did not request for us to see them as she was doing well and so, there's nothing to highlight. So when we approached her teachers yesterday to pass her the present, she just commented that Danielle is very "ON" and is sought after by many boys in her class.

Indeed, that is my girl. Whenever she comes home, she would insist that she gets her homework done immediately despite the time or even if the homework is due only in 2 weeks time. She is a model student as she would sometimes do her assessment book on her own and while I keep telling her you can stop now (as she has done about 6 pages of it already), she still insists on carrying on as she aims to finish up the book as quickly as possible!

I have to say, when it comes to her, I have to tell her to stop doing so much and also tell her that she does not need to do her homework now as it is due in 2 weeks or it is very late now. I have to actually deter her to do her work. How strange...Of course, I try to encourage her by not stopping her from being so "ON" all the time, but its so tiring when I have to sit beside her as she finishes all her work. Ha!

When she comes home from school, she would also show me letters, drawings or gifts from her boys in school. She tells me about the few boys in her class who likes her.

Last year in Nursery, her best friend, Grace and close friend, Josh were in the same class.

Then this year, Danielle and Josh are still in the same class as Grace goes to the other K1 class. So I guess, Josh drew closer to Danielle and vice versa.

So these were gifts and drawings from Josh to Danielle this year.

There was this drawing Danielle recently received and she told me it was from Josh but when I asked Cheryl (Josh's mum) whether it's from her son, she commented that it doesn't seem to be Josh's style.. So this drawing below is from a mysterious boy!

And then there's this guy Davin and Derrick. Both of them drew this for Danielle..

And also recently, Derrick bought for Danielle a Smurfette..

As much as I enjoy seeing my girl receiving so much attention and love, I know I should not encourage it. So I constantly remind her that they are just friends and you should be thankful they give you all these but don't expect. I hope to remind her to be humble and just be thankful.

May she stay innocently sweet, humble and loving to all those around her!


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