Friday, September 13, 2013

Draining Holidays..

Posted by Dawn at Friday, September 13, 2013
Finally the holidays will be coming to an end. I can soon go back to my regular routine of reading, watching TV, surfing, blogging and cooking. This week so far has been draining as I have to think of what to do with my children.

On Monday, I had homemade pancakes with the children for breakfast.

Caleb is more of a sweet tooth. So he likes his pancakes with honey and banana.

Danielle likes savoury. So here's hers!

As for me, I like both! Used to like savoury but ever since I have been introduced into the world of sweets and cakes, I love it too! So I had one pancake with strawberry jam and bananas and one pancake with ham and butter.

After breakfast, brought the children to the rooftop garden for cycling. I love it there as its more spacious and hardly anyone there. Caleb got me to look up and appreciate the beauty of the clouds. Great lesson for me to just stop and look up!

For lunch, I cooked cream of chicken and mushrooms with rice for the children. Its a great one pot dish with sour cream, mixed vegetables, onions, garlic, chicken slices and salt.

As for dinner, we went for a family birthday celebration dinner at Peach Blossom, Marina Mandarin Hotel. I took the train with the children to meet my hubby there early for shopping. There's the children drawing in the train and station.

On Tuesday, we stayed home and did art and craft as suggested by them. So I just went into Youtube to see what I can do.

In the evening, brought them to the roof top garden again for cycling and Caleb found a dead lizard.

On Wednesday, brought the children to the museum and National Library. Took the train all the way there.

Took the lift all the way to the top of the library to see the view.

Wanted to go to another museum but I was so tired and drained. So after the library, we had a quick lunch at a Chicken Rice Shop along Seah Street before making our way home by train.

After reaching home, me and the children plopped in bed and slept for quite a while. They slept for almost 3-4 hours!

Yesterday, brought the children to Ikea for lunch and to walk around before heading back. And because it was so windy in my house, the children could fly their kites.. It was simple joy and fun!

I am just thankful that the school holidays in September is only one week...


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