Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life as a stay home mum

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, November 21, 2013
A couple of years back if you asked me whether I will be a stay home mum, I would answer back, " Are you crazy?" Who can imagine I have finally made the decision to be one and to be honest, I am enjoying every bit of it.

In the past, I couldn't take very well whiny children, children who needed my attention most of the time, hated housework, needed my own source of income for me to have the spending power to buy what I want etc etc.

Presently, they still whine and need my attention but because they are slightly older, I can ignore them and let them sort it out themselves. I would also say I have grown to be more patient and loving as a mum since quitting my job. So that helps in tolerating their nonsense.

As for the extra income, oh well, I have been convicted that having more money makes my life worse. How so? I realise that with more money,we all tend to purchase more things. Most of the time, we don't really need it. We just want more of what we already have for more variety and choices. In the end, we don't really use it often and with more things we buy, we need to find space to store them. And space is limited. So, why would I want to buy more things to end up finding myself exasperated over cleaning or packing up and having to declutter by throwing away things which I spent money on. It's a vicious cycle.

So I have learnt to live simply and because of that, eventually, I hope my children can catch my beliefs and also learn to save up and not spend unnecessarily.

I have to say that this decision to be a stay a home mum is one given by God and its definitely not by my own wisdom or decision. I felt strongly convicted by things happening in schools, in children, in families that I needed to be there for them. And because I know this is what God wants, He has blessed me since with a joy of doing housework which I have never experienced before. Like I said earlier, I have always hated housework.

To add to that, my washing machine had not been working well lately, so I ended up hand washing every piece of clothing.

I actually enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing everything washed with my hands. My friends all thought I was crazy. Even ironing, I used to hate seeing the pile of clothes I have to iron in the basket. But now, I just set up my ironing board in front of the TV in my room, and I am a happy worker as I get to iron and watch my favourite shows. It makes me forget that I am ironing.

What is more heartening is to see the children all so enthusiastic in helping me with the housework. So I got them to help. There's the children enjoying cleaning the mirror as it's supersoaker time for them with the spray.

They also enjoy feeding Terry, our pet terrapin and water my plants for me.

On the first day of the school holidays, we all got down to setting up the Christmas tree- a monumental task which I would never do this by myself. Glad I have company and help from them!

And both of all them also volunteered to vacuum for me. Of course, with much guidance from me.

And something they do everyday now and it has been a habit for them- that is to wash their own dishes after they are done.

Just a few days back, Danielle commented that she wanted to rewear her shorts tomorrow as she doesn't want me to wash so many times.

And 2 days ago, when my hubby had dinner out and it was just me and the children...Caleb initiated to wash all the dishes for me without me asking since daddy was not around. After I thanked him, he added that even if I become old ah ma, he would also help me.

How sweet.. I thank God for my children every day.

So to me, I would never want to trade monetary gains for all these as money can't buy whatever time spend now with my children as I continue to trust in God's providence daily!


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