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My son's graduating..

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, November 06, 2013
I still remember vividly the time Caleb was in Nursery during his school concert as I watched the K2 students performing and receiving their certificates. During that time, I thought to myself that I would surely cry when he is up there getting his graduation certificate. Never did I realise, it's now his turn to be in K2 and graduating from Kindergarten.

Because of all the preparation that I would cry in his graduation concert, eventually, I didn't. Phew. Caleb kept telling me before his concert not to cry and I was obedient.

Both Caleb's and Danielle's performances went so well and I felt so proud of them both.

Here are my stars..

All of the children practised so hard and the concert was really a blast!

After the concert, Danielle had some invitations to take pictures with the boys in class. Her teacher did comment that she is the class belle and many boys like her. I am glad Danielle is not enjoying this kind of attention as she was fleeing from them when they wanted a picture with her. 

I finally told Danielle that it's just a sporting. So after much coaxing, she took a picture with them.

Caleb, too took some pictures with his friends..

My mother-in-law and dad also attended.

And there's my dad with our Senior Pastor of  this church who is my dad's long time friend for over 20 years. Both from Auckland University. Glad to see them finally connected!

And here below is Joshie- Danielle's classmate and church mate. All of them love playing together.

Caleb once commented that he wished Josh is his brother. I told him that he is as we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Caleb also hoped that they can stay next door to each other. Well, that's how much they enjoy one another..

That's me and my dad, enjoying the view at the roof top garden in church.

Am so glad to see my dad and mother-in-law join us for this wonderful concert!

Caleb and Danielle: Daddy and Mummy are so proud of you and ever will be!


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