Friday, November 29, 2013

Annual visit to Orchard

Posted by Dawn at Friday, November 29, 2013
I am definitely a country gal. Give me a house built in mountains or in big fields with my own animals and crops, and with hardly many people around, I am a happy girl. That is why I hardly go to Orchard Road...unless there is a good reason to.

So annually, we would bring the family to Orchard to view the Christmas lights. But before that, to make my trip more purposeful, I took the train down with the children to Novena, Square 2 first for the Lego fair where they could play Lego there.

I love Lego too as you can build anything you like with it. So simple and creative!

If you like Lego as much as I do, here's a short Lego animated film about how it all began..

The Lego play area will be there till 26 Dec. So if you are interested, do drop by Square 2 Mall for a time of fun for both you and your children.

After that, it was time in Orchard where we were supposed to meet daddy for dinner before viewing the lights. But we went earlier to walk around first. Caleb got his hands on my camera and he started being trigger happy! Here's some of his shots!


 I have to admit that Caleb has a great eye for detail and he also have the 'thickskin-ness' to be a good photographer as he is unafraid or not shy to take pictures of other people.

Met hubby for lunch at Itacho Sushi, Ion Orchard. Better to be early if not there will be a long queue.
The sushi there is fantastic. That is why I didn't even take a single shot of it because each time it arrives, I couldn't wait to put it in my mouth..

Now my 6 year old son has been made my official photographer!
After dinner, we walked from Ion Orchard down to Centrepoint and turned back on the opposite side back towards Tangs.


Danielle was so tired that she kept pleading with us to carry her..Sigh..I regret giving away my prams.

Finally had a chance to take a picture of my photographer..

And here's my all-time favourite mall that puts up great and more importantly, meaningful Christmas decoration each year!

Had an awesome time with the family but was totally drained!! Thank you Lord for the wonderful cooling weather that made the walk so enjoyable!


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