Thursday, November 07, 2013

McDonald Banana Pie?

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, November 07, 2013
Just a week ago, I went with hubby to my nearby Macs and we shared a Chicken Samurai Upsize meal as I wasn't that hungry. After the meal, I bought ice cream and apple pie. While biting into the apple pie, my first thought was it tasted like jackfruit..not apple. It tasted quite nice in face but I just knew it wasnt apple.

But as I bite more into it, I knew the taste was familiar. Then, I realised it was banana as I took a close look in it and there were those small black banana seeds.

Anyway, I was puzzled and ate more to see if there were apple bits inside but there wasn't. It was purely banana. After many mouths, its just too sweet for my palate. Apple pie is nice because it is slightly tart and sweet at the same time. 

So I brought it to the staff and told them I tasted banana. There's no apple inside at all. They apologised profusely and asked me to take a seat while they will go prepare a new one for me and serve it to me. So I went back and enjoyed the ice cream with my hubby.

After finishing the ice cream and drinks we had, there was still no sign of the apple pie. So I went back and asked about it. They said, "Soon soon. Don't worry. I will bring it to you." I told them that I waited so long for it already. I need to go off soon. But they insisted for me to take a seat and they will come right up with it.

So I did and finally, it came. And because I didnt want to sit down any longer. I just took the apple pie and went out. On the way home, I took a bite from it and to my surprise, it was still banana!

So I decided to take a picture of it to show everyone that I was not kidding!

You can see the banana seeds inside. It was all banana. The strange and scary thing is that in Singapore, McDonalds do not serve banana pie! So where did these banana pies come from?

How could a big corporation like McDonalds make a mistake? What's wrong with their production line? Sigh...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just saw on TODAY papers that Macs are serving banana pies now, together with some shrimp burgers. So don't worry, you are eating banana pies :)

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