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Family Day at the Zoo

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, December 01, 2013
Every year, my hubby's company will organize Family Day and this year, it was held at the Zoo, allowing us access to both River Safari and the Zoo.

 It first started off with buffet breakfast at the Ah Meng Restaurant.

Free buffet breakfast with a nice view of the thankful!

Caleb also had the chance to touch the snake


Because we were there early for the breakfast, we could go to the polar bear enclosure without any people surrounding the tank.


After breakfast, we walked out of the Zoo towards the River Safari where the Family Day event was held in the tent just beside the River Safari place. On our way out, Caleb, who has officially took ownership of my camera, saw this and took a picture of this gross dead frog on the boardwalk!

There were many game stalls for us to play to win some goodies. CT first rode the bull..

Then me and CT played this bungee run game where we compete to see who run the fastest with the cord tied to our waist, pulling us back.

Lastly, was the dunking machine where the people in the company get to dunk their bosses.

There's CT on it waiting to be dunked and of course, he went into the pool.

After the Family Day event in the whole morning, we made our own way to the River Safari.

Since it was our second time to River Safari, we walked around quite quickly passing through the exhibits just to get to our favourite one- the panda enclosure!

We also like the Squirrel Monkey forest where we can enter and get up
close with them

Lastly in the River Safari is the Sea Cow! I love it mainly for the seats and air con! haha!

Anyway, after walking briskly in the River Safari, we made our way back to the Zoo to mainly let the kids have some water fun at the kids world!

Nice pictures taken again by my 6 year old son!

Before we took the tram to the Kids World, we bought tickets for the children to sit on the Elephants. It was just them alone with strangers on top of the elephants for them to have an experience!

Here are pictures taken by ourselves while waiting for the tram ride..

While the children went to play in the water area, I went to buy KFC as me and CT ate at the bench. It was comfortable and enjoyable. Danielle would drop by once in a while to pop some food in her mouth before she carries on playing.


By the way, today has been a milestone for my children as its their first time taking the elephant ride, tram ride as well as going down water slides! In the past, they didn't dare to even go near water slides.. So it was a proud moment for me as I watch them enjoy!
After that, we took the tram ride back to the entrance. Yes, our legs were hurting and it was just nice to be able to sit on the tram for free..thanks to CT's company who sponsored everything!
On our way out, we manage to catch the feeding of the polar bear. It was a spectacular sight as the polar bear dives in to eat its food and even goes in this position to ask the keeper for more food.
It was a great ending to our trip to the Zoo. Thank God for the wonderful weather that allowed us to enjoy our time there!
Here's leaving you with my official photographer who is quite a selfie! It's "worrying" at such a young age..Sigh.. ;p




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