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Post Christmas

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, December 31, 2013
The day after Christmas, hubby was on leave.  We were out of the house by 840am to my mum's place where I went with my mum to attend a funeral. It was one of those rare moments where I get to go out alone with mum and even take a public bus with her! I did enjoy myself thoroughly. Think I should do that more often with her.

Anyway, after the funeral, we left my parent's place to park our car at our secret free parking lot near Kembangan Station, nestled among the private houses then took a train down to City Hall. We walked to iExperience which is located at Esplanade Xchange, connecting to Esplanade MRT Station.

My children were especially glued to this desktop computer (literally).

I was intrigued by the antiques displayed..ranging from old telephones, handphones, pagers, the old apple computer as well as storage devices, including an 8 inch floppy disk which I have never seen before!

There was also this cool projector piano on the floor to play!

I always marvel at technology and how people create such things.

Had lunch just opposite this place at a small kopitiam. Daddy and Caleb has chicken rice. Caleb could practically eat that every day, every meal! As for me, I shared with Danielle a bowl of prawn mee.

We then walked to National Museum to catch the exhibits.

There were so much to see that surprisingly, we spent about 3-4 hours there! Can't believe it!

We first went to catch the 50 years of TV exhibition where it features the arrival and development of TV in Singapore. Brings you memories of the shows you used to watch.

Cool projector

A vehicle found in Philippines

Check out Caleb's face in the screen with the stars!

I, personally love this exhibit as I have been catching the show in Channel 8 and I have loved every episode of it. It is an amazing production where they filmed in the Yongding District of China, Penang, Ipoh as well as some parts of Singapore. It is a nation-building trilogy depicting the first-generation Chinese immigrants come from China who set foot on the island of Singapore to seek their fortunes, then they will show the world war and finally, the blissful periods in Singapore (present day). This show will spread over 3 years. With an amazing cast and great scriptwriting, be sure not to miss this showing every weekday at 9pm. Alternatively, if you have missed the previous episodes, catch up on it here! (The Journey: A Voyage Show)

Old pushcarts selling satay

Children enjoying retro music
Wayang costumes
Scent of spices for you to smell

Old glass bottles
In the History Gallery
Posters of old films
Old cameras

Children enjoying audio narration of tok tok mee
Biennale Exhibition-Projected on wooden cut-outs are videos of Vietnamese artists coolly eating as they stare back at you. You hear the crunch of cucumber, someone takes a puff, another turns her back on you. They actually move!

Biennale Exhibition of glowing chandeliers-The Japanese couple created this in reaction to the Fukushima disaster in 2011 and each of the 31 chandeliers — made of uranium glass and UV lighting — represent the nations with nuclear capacity; the bigger the chandelier, the greater the number of its nuclear plants 

After walking for so long, we were so tired..


We then took a train to Bedok to check out the new mall. There were many shops and restaurants. Went to Din Tai Fung for dinner as I love the food there!

By the time we went back to our car and drove home, it was close to 9pm. 12 hours out with the family is no joke- legs soring to the max. Wonder if I would do this again since it was quite fun and eventful...


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