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Cruise on Superstar Virgo

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, December 24, 2013
The last time I have been to a cruise was probably when I was in Junior College with my group of friends. This time round, hubby didn't feel like taking airplane, so we decided to bring the children on a cruise ship for their first time. So off we went on a 4D3N cruise to Phuket and Langkawi.

The children were understandably excited. For me, I was just glad to be out of the house and Singapore...as for my hubby, he was like, " Oh boy, what to do on board the ship? Only eat and sleep.."

Anyway, off we went to Singapore Cruise Centre at Harbourfront. Checking in and entering the ship was quite a smooth process.

We walked around and toured the ship on our own. The children couldn't wait to swim! So we did, despite the blazing afternoon sun!
And because we checked in quite early and maybe because of the sun, we were the only ones to use the pool.


Caleb was so excited over the long slide that he went over and over again..countless of times, non-stop!


After the swim, we toured more of the huge ship and walked around as the ship departed Singapore on Sunday 4pm.

Danielle was happy taking pictures of Hello Kitty and friends all over the ship

On the first day, there was the Kids Club Open House. So the indoor playground was free for the children. So they dropped by to have fun in there.


What I love about taking cruise is the sight of the sea, the nice waters and the sky! I always love nature as it is so beautiful and breathtaking..

The food in Bella Vista Restaurant is amazing! After eating there, you do not really want to go elsewhere anymore!

The meals in Bella Vista is a set meal. So you get to choose an appetizer, main course and dessert.

The ship has many things in there.. like the basketball court, mini golf, chess set and checkers, kids pool and adults pool, water slide..

Frankly speaking, you will never run out of things to do unless you are just plain lazy to do them and just want to eat and sleep!


We all loved the mini golf..great for the whole family as there were about 5 courses to challenge ourselves.

You can also borrow boardgames to play. We played this in the morning when it was drizzling a little outside.

The children loved Jenga so much that we had to buy one set in Phuket when we stopped over!

The shows in the cruise ship were also enjoyable and entertaining. I loved the magic show, acrobatics and the music show best! There were also the Hello Kitty and Friends Show but that was mainly for the children.


There was another good restaurant, The Pavilion where they served Chinese food. We went there for breakfast and the dried oyster porridge was good!

All the restaurants had good view of the sea. So that was what I liked as well.

Just before we reached Phuket, there was a BBQ party by the poolside. It served buffet as well as BBQ food, and whole range of desserts, ice cream and fruits! It's a food haven!

We reached Phuket at 7pm on Monday. Just when the sun was setting. It was nice to see islands after seeing nothing but water and skies for a day.

We had to take a smaller boat over to Patong Beach as the waters were too shallow for our huge cruise ship.

From Patong Beach, we could see our cruise ship all beautifully lit like a Christmas tree!

We walked around Patong Beach. Went to a Eurasian/Thai Restaurant for some food! (Yes, more eating..)


 There's Caleb with his new Ice Watch that we got for him to prepare him for Primary One.

 We went back to our ship at about 11pm plus. We were all so tired from the walking..

Our next stop was Langkawi on Tues, 1030am. Both places, we went free and easy. Felt it was more economical.

We got a taxi who would bring us around for 4 hours for $150 Ringgit. So he was like our personal driver. We first went for lunch. We ordered Fried Squid with salted egg, fried rice, broccoli with Bai Ling Mushrooms and hot plate chicken.

Then we wanted to sit the Cable Car to the highest mountain there but the staff told us we need to queue for 2 hours and once we reach the top, we still have to wait another 2 hours to come back. It was crazy. So, we just walked around the area.

Chanced upon a flying fox station where I thought Caleb could try. 

He enjoyed himself!

There was also a rabbit area for feeding and petting.
After that, we took the taxi to see Waterfalls. Too bad we didnt bring our costume. If not, the children would surely love to play in there. But we did soak our feet and walked in the cool water!

Then our last stop was the beach. It was beautiful but I was burning from the sun rays!

Back in the ship at about 4pm. It was our last night at the ship and there was a Gala Dinner going on. We did not initially book for it as I thought I had to pay...but CT said we didn't need to so by the time we booked, we were placed on a long waiting list. So CT and I thought most likely there won't be a chance for us to attend the Gala dinner since who would be in the right mind to book for it and pull out? After all, they are stuck in the ship..where else can they go?

But surprisingly, we received a confirmation letter in our room stating that we have a place in our favourite restaurant- The Bella Vista!! Praise God. I couldn't help but thank God as its only Him that can make something impossible become possible.

And because of this, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously from the cocktail served and performances at the reception area with free flow of drinks- red wine, champagne, juice to fine dining food at the restaurant!

There were escargots, roasted beef tenderloin, salmon. All were amazing as we ordered almost everything to share.

Even after such a full and satisfying dinner, we could still finish our dessert-Baked Alaskan Ice Cream Layered Cake.

After dinner, we walked around the decks of the ship before making our way to our last show- Somewhere in Time. It is a musical cum acrobatic performance. Very entertaining! We all loved it!

It was a night definitely not to forget and because of the games, food and shows in this cruise, I can now say it is not just eating and sleeping on board a cruise. The smooth running of everything on board this ship was amazing despite having so many people on board.

So will I ever come back? Hmm..maybe not  as there's more to see than life in a ship especially since I dislike party and gambling...and enjoy routine and sleeping early as going on this cruise upsets all my routine.

But I am just thankful to have went through this experience with my hubby and children! It was enjoyable! Thank God for this trip and the wonderful weather!


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