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Posted by Dawn at Monday, December 30, 2013
Festivities tire me out. During this Christmas Season, people thronged the streets, shopping malls, and supermarkets to grab their last minute Christmas shopping or for their Christmas parties. It's incredibly crazy for an introvert like me who just prefer to stay at home or have a nice quiet dinner with my loved ones.

My Christmas dinner started early on 21st Dec. Every year, my parent's friend would deliver roast beef, turkey and ham to my parent's house. Then my mum would organise a party with family and friends over to her house. This time round, it's just my family and relatives as we just had my nephew's one month party at my parent's place not long ago so my mum decided, we should just keep this Christmas party to our family.

I do look forward to eating this every year, especially the tender and cooked-to-perfection, juicy roast beef! My aunts would bring a couple of food as well and my mum would cook a couple more dishes to add.
Here's a picture of the boys in my family with my son, my brother and my nephew, Jadon who is one month old! Finally, Caleb has a boy to play with..
Besides pigging out, Christmas in church this year has been wonderful as I invited my Primary 2 neighbour to church with us and she came along. It was nice for the children to play together with her once again. She said she enjoyed herself and my children has been bugging me to ask her out again soon!
My church was involved in the flash mob in Downtown East and White Sands as well in the Elias CC Fund Raising.

During service, many came forward to receive Christ and also re-dedication back to the Lord. God is good!


Throughout this season, as I see my children unwrapped their presents and how people indulge in food, I really wonder how much food or presents have gone to waste? To be honest, there were many presents given that we didn't need or like and I am sure if I feel that way,many too have received presents they do not need or like as well. So what happens to them? Thrown away? Pass it on?

While I was watching the news on TV showing how people partying away during Christmas, it makes me wonder whether they really know the true meaning behind Christmas. I guess they are just taking advantage of yet another holiday to party?

Why are people all over the world celebrating Christmas even though they are not Christians?

For me, its only because of Christ birth..seems like a politically correct answer but as a Christian, I know that without Christ coming to this world and dying for us, there is no way I can go to heaven with God after this life because of how sinful I am.

Christ was born to die so that we might live.. Doesn't this sound like God is crazy? Well, He is. He is crazily in love with you! That's what it simply is.

Christianity is about God loving you and wanting you to just believe and accept Him into your life.

So, what is your reason for celebrating Christmas? What is Christmas to you? I would love to hear from you!


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