Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, May 08, 2005
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers..especially mine who has been an inspiration to me, guiding and supporting me. Thanks Mum! I love you. This morning, went to church as usual and met Rita, the lady who liked to meet up with me as she will be going to Singapore soon. We arranged to meet up on Wednesday for lunch. Coincidentally, her work place is just next to where I stay. Awesome. After church, went to Walmart nearby and shopped. Bought 2 tennis racquets and a bag of tennis balls. (Esther: So, I think you just need to bring one racquet when you come for yourself or no need, if you do not mind borrowing a US$16 racquet from my friend.) I was surprised CT suggested buying as I thought he wanted to save money. I guess he suddenly felt the need to exercise more. So happy.

We spent over our budget again today. But I feel it is ok since buying the tennis racquets would be an investment for future when we go back Singapore to play. After Walmart shopping, we had lunch at Chinese Restaurant. Ate Buffet..since it is cheaper. The owners are from Hong Kong and Malaysia. It is a new restaurant we are trying as I have passed by it before and noticed the many cars outside the place. The food is ordinary..nothing really special. It was nice speaking Cantonese to the owner here in America. Feels like home. :) Had roast duck and other Chinese food like spring rolls, fried rice, mee and mee hoon..etc.. After the filling lunch, we went home to put down our stuff from the car.

Then, we drove to the Botanical Garden and the Azalea Golf Course to take a look at what it looks like. It is about 15 -20 mins drive. The Botanical Garden is rather big so I decided not to walk since I forgot to bring my water bottle. The weather is rather hot today. After that, I went to the Flea Market with the intention of buying water melon. It is cheap there. However, the flea market on Sunday does not have much stuff. Must go on Saturdays. So, it was a wasted trip but it does not matter, since I am with CT..

After that,we went home and as we were driving in our apartment compound, we saw Chen Twok teaching Colin how to drive as the technicians will be taking their driving test soon. So, Colin was driving and practising. Colin then invited us to his place for dinner as his wife cooked a lot. We went home at 4 pm and then played tennis from 5-6pm with our new racquets and balls. We had fun playing.

After that, bathed and went over to Colin's place. Colin brought along his 2 kids-one boy who is about 2 years old and a girl, 10 months old. Very cute. Spent the time playing with them. The wife cooked a dish that is something like penang laksa. It is sourish spicy noodles with lots of stuff in the soup. The wife comes from Myanmar who speaks Chinese fluently. So maybe the dish is some Myanmar food. Had Bandung as well for drinks. Take a look at my picture collection for updated photos

After dinner, we were watching the NBA playoffs on TV and I was playing with the boy at the same time. He is very active and always drinking water. Never seen a kid who loves drinking. Left the house at about 8 plus pm. Then drove and went to pump petrol at station as CT will be driving to work tomorrow morning. After that, CT suggested taking a walk outside. And so we did..the weather tonight was really nice. I was out in my shorts and t-shirt. Probably about 25 degrees. Reached home exhausted from the day's activity.

Eating at Colin's apartment


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