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Posted by Dawn at Monday, May 02, 2005
If you noticed, most pictures do not have me in it as I am the one who takes it. Only once a while, then maybe you will see my face..hmm...maybe I do not want u to see how fat I have grown. Hehe..

Today, stayed indoors as the weather looks cool..and since my weekend was quite tiring, so decided to stay indoors. Only went out at 5pm to check post box. Keep getting other people's mail.

Read a book in the afternoon. I am reading this book for the second time actually. The first time was when I was in NIE, before I went into teaching. And now, after teaching for 1 year, I thought of reading this again to see what has changed from the last time I read it. It is entitled, " The Courage to Teach". I guess most teachers would have read this book.

Made sushi in the late afternoon. Cooked the rice and added raw salmon and cucumber with mayonaise before I wrapped it. As I cut the sushi, I ate as well. Could not resist. I also made the tomato paste gravy for spaggetti tonight. Added mushrooms, onions, garlic, minced beef into the tomato gravy.

CT went for a run today. Glad he is making an effort. Dinner was very filling as there were a lot of carbo. Before I slept, I was still feeling very full.

When CT came home, he told me that the 1st batch of engineers went to Pensacola, Florida on Sunday and the wave was so strong, Tee dropped his apartment key in the gulf of mexico waters.. So he had to spend the night over another engineer's place and had to borrow uniform from his colleague. So poor thing..Florida is only about one hour plus drive away from my is quite near. Kok Fong and Gek Teng went New Orleans on Sat (when it was a rainy day) just to get out of Mobile and they said it took them 3 hours. So, when my family come over, we can go there for a day as well. Yup, my parents coming on the 24 May..cannot wait!

Many American friends ask me if I can adapt so far..Well, to me, it is not a problem. Maybe because I have been travelling since young and have been to US, so I kind of expect what it is like. Therefore, to me, it is very easy to adapt. In Singapore, we are so exposed to American culture everywhere- Movies, TV shows, food etc..So, it makes it easier. Americans ask if I am used to the food here..I look at them and wonder to myself- What is wrong with your food that I cannot get used to? When I told them we have fast food and american food in Singapore, they look quite shocked.. :)

Heard that Americans do not know much about the world outside as their news only mention about what is going on in America and things to do with America- Iraq news etc.. They also hardly travel to other countries but travel within countries-from state to state as the country is big enough. I think travelling to other countries is a very good thing which I hope to cultivate in my family in the future as well. It not only bonds the family closer together, it widens our knowledge of other countries' culture.

So, do move around and keep on learning. More importantly, get your family together as we are relational beings and I feel we are not made for loneliness..


Hebrew_Star on Wednesday, May 04, 2005 said...

Yes, indoors are very nice... hee hee... I dun think you put on much la...your metabolism quite the high one!! ;o)

Agreed, Americans dun know much about their world outside. Some of them think that Singapore is in China, just because we are Chinese... :o(

Thanks for the photo of Wal Mart - I SOOOOOOO can't wait to get back there!!! Its weird!! hee hee.... :o)

Dawn Ling on Wednesday, May 04, 2005 said...

haha..yeah, my fav place is Walmart! when will u be coming?? have u confirmed the dates and flights yet??

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