Monday, May 09, 2005

Washing day

Posted by Dawn at Monday, May 09, 2005
This morning when CT left for work, I started cleaning the floors. The reason is because on Friday, CT spilled the whole container of curry on the floor early in the morning. He wanted to eat curry with bread.After cleaning it, it still feels oily. So, I decided to clean it again this morning with more soap. The problem with cleaning is that I do not have any pail and they do not have any drainage system on the you cannot wet it..So, I just soap it with my sponge and then wipe it clean with clean sponge and towel.

After cleaning the floor, I went to clean the bathtub and toilet sink. It is nice to see it clean after washing. After that, decided to do my usual thing-use the computer and watch TV. There was a movie showing on TV- "Eye for Eye". The show is about this lady's daughter being killed and the murderer was not charged and was set free. So, the mother decided to train herself to fight and use a gun to plan to kill the murderer. Quite nice.

Did not hear from Gek Teng (or Yuting) the whole morning. Usually, she would be online in the internet and I would know and chat with her. So, I was wondering where she was. Finally, she messaged me online and told me that the whole morning, she was cleaning the house. She came over to my place at 3pm to just talk and watch TV. From the weather report, the weather here is getting hotter as it is coming to June-summer time. The highest temperature is 30 degrees celsius. But usually, it would be about 25-28 degrees. Not too bad.

Cooked steam egg with minced pork and dried mushrooms, steam red snapper with yellow beans, chilli, ginger and parsley and fried kangkong with blachan. I was starving as I did not eat much for lunch. Only had few mouths of ready-made potato salad and coleslaw which I bought from supermarket.

Today, I went to check my mailbox and received a package which I ordered. Many weeks ago, I ordered this "Smartware" cookware and it has arrived. So excited. It is meant for grilling and baking with the ease of washing up and having even cooking in the food without getting it burnt. So, I kind of like the idea.


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