Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Staying home

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Today, went back to sleep after CT left for work as it is Monday...Yes, even tai-tai have Monday blues.. Woke up at only about 9am. When I first came, I was not really used to waking up with no one at home. Before I was married, my house was usually quite noisy with either the noise from TV or my family members talking. But now in US, waking up to no one at home and the place being so quiet, was something I had to get used to now.

After having cereals for breakfast, I chatted with Gek Teng online, checked my email and played some computer games. After that, at 10am, I started cleaning the whole house. I vacuumed the whole floor and carpet, cleaned the toilets and sinks. It was nice to be able to enjoy the cleanliness after that workout! Boy, the american vacuum cleaners are really heavy and bulky.. Doing the vacuuming, reminds me of the scene where Mrs Doubtfire vacuumed the house and dancing around with it. I had to imagine that in order for me to make it fun!

After cleaning, I started cooking soup for dinner. Cooking "Egg seafood corn" soup which my mum used to make for me. I just imagined what she put in it and I did the same. Cooked chicken bones first and then added mixed veggies, crab meat, fishball,prawn ball, cream corn and some chicken slices and of course, egg. It tastes good.

When Gek Teng came over, I gave her a bowl to drink and try. I told her that she is my guinea pig since my husband not here now. Ha..She came over to my house at 2pm and spent the time here playing with my computer and watching TV tog. Though she has a computer at her apartment, it is the company that we both enjoy. I was reading newspaper. Bought newspaper from the stand yesterday but haven't had the chance to read it till now. Sunday's newspapers is really thick. Lots of advertisements and discounts. Quite good. I cut them out so that I will use it.

Gek Teng left at about 4 plus pm. She was telling me about her dinner last night at a BBQ ribs place. She said it was quite good and reasonably priced. Hmm..I will def try.

Ok, CT just came home. He told me he will be going to jog. Yay! Glad he is exercising. We all need it!


Hebrew_Star on Wednesday, May 18, 2005 said...

Tai Tai life....ha ha ha... so cute... hee hee...

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