Friday, May 06, 2005

Swim swim

Posted by Dawn at Friday, May 06, 2005
Today, I went swimming with Gek Teng at 11 am. It was about 20 degrees and very sunny. While we were swimming, there was this african-american who talked to us from outside the pool. We were quite skeptical in answering him back as he looked suspicious. Then he came into the pool area and sat on the deck chairs, watching us swim.

After about 20 laps in a 20m pool, we got up and sun tanned a bit...for only 10 mins..Then Gek Teng commented that if we leave, he will also leave. I said, "Sure or not?" And really, he left when we were leaving. So strange.

Went back to bathe and have my lunch (leftovers from dinner). Then at 1pm, I went over to Gek Teng's place to watch movie showing on TV. After the movie show, Angeline came over to use the computer. She does not have a computer and need to buy one here. I cannot believe when I found out that her house has no computers at all. It amazes me as I am quite attached to my computers. Anyway, we watched from show to show. Caught the Oprah show and it talked about people who are called hoarders. Their place is in a mess as they keep accumulating things. There was this house which is so disgusting- the toilet has a lot of faeces and the kitchen all stacked with unwashed stuff.. When the dog shits on the floor, the owner will not clean it. So, it accumulates. It was seriously shocking.. It is actually a psychological problem as the person used to be a perfectionist. Oprah shows can be quite educational. I enjoy watching it and learning of such a problem. There was also another household with 81 cats and 6 dogs! Amazing.

After watching shows until 6pm, I had to go back in case CT comes home as I have only one set of keys. CT came home at 610pm and after he bathed, we went out to "Denny's" to meet up with the rest of the engineers for dinner there. The reason of today's dinner is to get to met James' wife, Angeline as they have not been formally introduced to her.

I ordered a grilled tilapia fish with fries and corn. While CT had a steak and shrimp combo. The food is ordinary as I expected. I all along know that Denny's is famous for their breakfast but they wanted to come here as the price here is very reasonable. After dinner, CT drove me to BelAir Mall. We walked a bit and then went to Downtown to see how happening it is at night. There were a lot of pubs along the streets and there were some streets that were very quiet and dark. Some buildings were brightly litted. Very nice. But if you think downtown is like new york or chicago..then you will be disappointed. It is a sad town I would say. Nothing much at all..and I think it is quite deserted. No shopping to be done as no tourists would come to this area. Ha..
Where I stay would be the most happening place...with big shops. So I am glad and blessed to be staying where I am.


Hebrew_Star on Sunday, May 08, 2005 said...

NOt meaning to sound racist, but do be very careful of the Afro Americans, SOME of them can be quite disturbed...

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