Sunday, November 13, 2005

Brought dad to East Coast

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, November 13, 2005
Stayed over at parent's place last night after mum's birthday party. This morning, bought breakfast from behind and brought back home to eat together with dad. I had prawn mee pok..yummy.

My parents have adopted a god-daughter, Chloe. She is my dad's physiotherapist in SGH and she was really nice to my dad that he adopted her. She happens to be same age as me and from the same church as me! How coincidental. When my dad was in the hospital, he actually shared with her what he likes to eat and she took the trouble to go chinatown to buy my dad's favourite peanut glutinuous rice, went places like tiong bahru to get other breakfast etc... No wonder my dad adopted her! She even wheeled my dad to East Coast Park one day all by herself- pushing him across the underground tunnel. It is amazing how much love she has!

So, this morning, my dad suggested going East Coast Park again since I am here. So, we all went. My mum and CT went in the car as they had to bring food. Me, Chloe and dad wheeled him from Siglap across the underground tunnel to East Coast Park. I must say, it was a feat! Took us about half an hour. I brought my dog, Ashley along as well. Yup, Chloe came to have breakfast with us and went to park as well. She does not stay near our place by the well and takes bus. Amazing.

From my parent's place, there is a connector park- a road that links to the beach. So, we took that straight road across. Since Chloe had more experience in wheeling my dad, she was doing that while I was hanging on to Ashley while she sniffs everywhere....

While we finally reached, we met up with CT and my mum as they have reserved a spot in the beach. It was drizzling...and suddenly when we reached the spot, it poured. So, we all crowd around dad to shelter him. We did not move him to shelter place as it is more difficult since the wheelchair was hard to move in the grass and sand. So, we just stayed together and waited for rain to stop. Thank God it stopped after about ten minutes...

Marianne,Joshua and Phoebe came right after that to join us. Winnie, my cell group member also came along as they were pretty excited to come out picnic in East Coast Park with my dad since he seldom get to do so. There was a very nice sandcastle being made in the beach.

I was playing with Phoebe. She was feeding me with a cute. I also took her to play the sand and she ended up getting fascinated with the ants crawling on the sand..

We had leftovers from last night's party for the picnic, including mooncake which Esther reserved for me in the freezer which I missed eating. We also had some leftovers from another party which took place the day before my mum's birthday party. So, there was fried chicken and pork ribs.

After picnic, Winnie wanted to walk Ashley. So, CT drove her car back to my parent's place for her. So, Winnie, Chloe, Dad and I walked back together. It was a great workout...


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