Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Toured Arkansas

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, November 09, 2005
We have breakfast in our hotel every morning as they have complimentary breakfast with cereals, mini sausage burgers, fruits, yoghurt, muffins, juices etc. After that, CT and I went touring Arkansas on our own as Esther was going to meet up with her old US friends today.

First stop was at Beaver Lake. Slightly disappointed as we did not know where to go since the Lake was so huge. So, we ended up driving up the cliff, down the cliff to a part of beaver lake which was not that spectacular. Water was freezing and saw a number of hawks flying on top of the trees.

After that, we drove to Turpentine Creek where they have 100 over big cats. So, we saw lots of bears, tigers, lions. Paid US$15 for entrance fee, including a tour of the animals. They even housed the ExxonMobile tiger, called Spike.However, when we got to his cage, he was hiding in the did not get to see it.

The bear on the right is kinda cute because of how it sits...very slack.

There was also this white tiger which has down syndrome. I love it the best cos I have a soft spot for these kind.

Here are some other pictures..

Another interesting animal I saw was a liger. It was a cross between..yup..I am sure you can guess is between a lion and tiger. Cannot really get the face but it looks more like a lion with the body as a tiger..

Next,we drove to Eureka Springs. It is a small town with certain attractions like museums, mansions, and the famous Christ of the Ozarks which features a statue of Jesus (like the one in Rio de janeiro). I enjoyed the drive very much as it was so scenic with farm houses with cows and nice beautiful trees..

The shops in Eureka is mostly for window shopping as it is quite expensive. We did not spend much time there except to walk along the rows of shops, sightsee and drive up to see the statue of Christ.

I was kind of uncomfortable looking at the statue when I was there as we, Christians do not need a figurine and moreover, who knows how He looks. But I visited it because of just appreciating it as art and I could see great view of Eureka Springs from where it was.

This is how big it was compared to CT...

The view of Eureka Springs...

Nice trees spotted...

After spending maybe about one hour plus in Eureka Springs, we made our way to Buffalo National River. We initially wanted to go swimming in the river and spot some elks and deers but in the end, we did none and saw nothing but more cows. Haha..LOSER..

By the time we reached there, the sun was setting already. It was 430pm. Could not find the river as it seemed dried up and no elks in sight though some cars parked along the road to spot as well as they usual come out to the fields. But I must say, it was a very scenic drive. One of the best scenic drive in USA as mentioned in a book where I read in the library.

We did not stay long as it was getting dark very fast and it will take us 1 and a half hour to get back. So, we ended up driving in the dark in the small, winding mountain roads. Thank God we had no problem finding our way to the highway. Reached home at 645pm and had dinner @ Denny's classic Restaurant. It is a classic cos of its decorations like restaurants in the 70s..i think.


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