Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Precious Moments Park

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Ok, I admit I am not a big fan of Precious Moments but my trip there blew me away not because of how cute the whole thing was with all the cute figurines, but how touching it was when there were real stories of how this chapel touched many people who lost their children in car accidents, just as the artist of the chapel went through, losing his son.

During our drive there, I spotted an interesting cloud formation in the sky. I thought maybe it is because of the tornado in Indiana that just happened the day before.

It was only about couple of hours drive to the chapel from Arkansas. Here are a sneek preview of what the precious moments chapel is like..

Entrance to Precious Moments...

Very colourful and lots of lights at entrance..

One of the many touching stories...To read it (enlarge), click on the picture!

Cannot help being cute..

Entering the chapel..WOW-that is all I can say...

All handpainted painstakingly. Every picture has a meaning and that is why I mentioned that amidst the cuteness of it all, it is very touching. The side walls talk about the bible and the 7 pictures below talk about the first 7 days of creation:1st day, God created light (artist drew the angels using torch lights), 2nd day, God created water( angels using hoses to fill earth with water) etc.. So, the artist were very creative in his painting.

There are lots and lots more pictures in the chapel but because I like to keep my blog as concise as possible, I have to stop showing you more pictures. But feel free to view anytime in my US trip photos website once I am done editing..def within this week..promise!

The chapel also has lots of stained glass. Very nice..

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want

A write up about the artist..

Memory of his son...and a touching poem that someone wrote for the artist..

Nice scenery outside chapel...

This is really red!

Pastor Goh preaching outside the chapel...

After touring the place and walking around, we went to the gift shop. Then, drove to a wedding island where couples can hold their wedding there. It is an island by itself with a chapel and pretty trees and surroundings..

Check out the hearts on the path in this wedding island. Very cute.

This is the entrance of the wedding island to the churches


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