Friday, November 11, 2005

Mum's surprise birthday party

Posted by Dawn at Friday, November 11, 2005
My brother messaged me in the afternoon to let me know that mum was out of the house with Pam shopping.He had to tell me so that I can go to the house. Mum thinks bro is staying home to cook for dinner since it is her birthday. So, she thinks her birthday would just be spent with my dad, bro and Pam...simple dinner. But in the end, I told my bro not to cook anything since there would be a lot of food brought by others.

I have planned this party long ago..even before my dad was back home. Initially, I was afraid my dad would not be home by then..but thank God, he is home. It was a potluck party mainly because mum was always the main chef. Haha..and moreover, I touched down on the very same I would be too tired to prepare anything.

Invited our relatives and close friends to celebrate this party and they each brought something. When I went to the house, it was about 5pm. Dad planned how we were going to surprise my mum. He said that there would be 2 surprises. The first surprise would be all my relatives and friends hiding in my dad's room and when my mum go visit my dad in the room, they would all surprise her. The second surprise would be US-me and CT. After everyone gather around the table to eat, my dad would say grace and then we would appear in front of her once she open her eyes. What a neat idea!

Pam called home before they were on the way as to alert us. Even when she was reaching, she also msged my bro. So,we had a spy. CT and I hid in the maid's room at the dining area. We could hear my mum coming back, and being surprised by the whole group. They spent quite a long time talking and CT & I almost fell asleep in the room as we were having jet lag. So funny.

After quite a while, we heard my dad praying and we slowly walked out of the room, hoping my mum's eyes were shut tight. Then, the funny think was that my dad ended off the prayer by saying, "Hope Dawn and CT were here.." Once the prayer ended, my mum opened her eyes and got a shock!! haha.. So fun...

There was a lot of food...we had mee fen, curry chicken, glutinuous rice, sushi, kueh pai tee. All so yummy! :)

Marianne bought a hundred over dollar cake for my mum's birthday. Very touched! She also made a cheese cake with baby Phoebe..So, for this party, we ended up with 3 cakes as my mum's friend gave one cake to her in the afternoon. That was why we ended up so full.

When I saw my mum's face, I knew she was touched and happy. I felt she needed a good birthday celebration just for being a wonderful mum. She has blessed so many people around her. When she was in Mobile, AL, we went to an American home for dinner (our church friend in Mobile) and they kept saying how my mum has blessed them just within that few hours and want to keep my mum. Haha.. Very proud of her.

Wanted her to have a great night and since I did not really spend much time with her, CT and I stayed over that night so that next morning, we can have breakfast good old times..

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