Friday, November 11, 2005

Touched down

Posted by Dawn at Friday, November 11, 2005
Touched down this morning at about 5 plus am. Was pretty excited. Anyway, since it was meant to be a surprise, my mum did not come to pick me up as usual cos she does not know. So, CT and I took the easily accessible cab home to Punggol.

As expected, our house was dusty and all. I kept sneezing as I unpacked my luggage. When we first touch down, I received voice messages and it was actually CT's colleague in US who left the message. He told me that their big boss had an accident in Jurong Island and asked me to call him back to give them my mum's telephone number for someone in Singapore to inform them of his condition and all that.

The accident actually happened on the day I was in Arkansas. So since I cancelled my autoroam cos of the high maintenance cost, I did not receive the voicemail only after I got back to Singapore which was 4 days after the accident. So, when we go back home, CT called his colleague in US immediately to find out what happened. There was actually a big truck that went forward and banged into their car. 2 of CT's bosses were in the car and the one injured most was the passenger as the truck came from his side. It seemed that he has broke his ribs and fractures to many part of his body. Immediately, thoughts of my train accident came flooding my mind.

Anyway, at about 7am plus, my dad called my hp. I did not dare pick it up as I thought my mum was testing me as it only indicated a call from my parents' house. So, I was afraid to pick it up in case it was really my mum. Then, I received a voicemail and my dad left a message. He welcomed me home and told me to call him back once I wake up.He also mentioned that mum was out doing gym in the club.

So, I immediately and excitedly called him back! He sounded so happy to hear my voice, as I was too. Suddenly in our conversation, he mentioned that mum has been visiting CT's boss-Mike. I was surprised as I was amazed how my mum knew about it as she does not even know Mike.

This is how it all began...

When I was here in Mobile Alabama attending a church, I got to know Reeda as she was going to Singapore with her husband. So, we met up and I was telling her all about Singapore. Her husband was going there to teach theology in a seminary. But anyway, it was already quite amazing how I landed up in a church with someone there going to Singapore...because the population of Chinese in my church here in US is practically zero!

Anyway, Reeda has a friend called Sarah. Sarah and her husband work for Integrity (this Christian music organisation). There is a branch in Singapore, so they were sent to Singapore for work. My mum does not know Sarah at all.

One day, my mum went for her usual Bible Study Fellowship at Pasir Ris. Bible Study Fellowship is an international organisation where people gather to learn and study the bible. There are many meetings all over Singapore and Pasir Ris happen to be one of the many many places...and so happened, for no reason, Sarah dropped by and got to know my mum as she introduced herself and said she was from Mobile AL! So, my mum got a shock and told her that CT and I are there. It is very rare for Mobile residents to travel out of US and somemore, to Singapore!!

So, Sarah happen to be a very gd friend with Mike (CT's boss)'s neighbour in Mobile. So, their neighbour heard about the news and told Sarah and so, my mum, Sarah and Reeda have been going to the hospital to visit Mike. Isnt that amazing? I can really see how God has placed people in our midst to encourage one another and has purposed this to happen.

The amazing thing is that Mike and his wife are Christians as well and just before he left to take the air ambulance back home, he sent out an email about his testimony of his accident to all his colleagues (including the Singaporean colleagues in Mobile).

It is a miracle nothing major happened to him. His mind was still very alert and like my dad, he never failed to praise and give thanks to God.

Here is his testimony, an email writted to all his colleagues and friends.

Please distribute freely.

To all my beloved friends. I know news has somewhat trickled in fromt he other side of the world regarding my accident/recovery/and return toSHA (sweet home Alabama). I can not begin to express my appreciation for the tireless work day/night around the world on my behalf that so many others have provided. Surely not even the smallest thought, word,prayer or deed was ever missed. Each has been collected and treasured up in our hearts. Thank you so much for the prayer blanket, cards,letters, emails, messages and personal visits we received from you,they were like drops of water in a desert.

So what happened? I went on brief road trip to the new side of Jurong Island with Paul Bell on Monday. Somewhere along the way a large. truckentered my passenger side of the vehicle. I got a fractured jaw, a ruptured spleen, a big cut on my head, 6 broken ribs, a broken shoulderblade, and punctured lungs. Paul and the Singapore guys saved my lifevia their cool, courageous response. They have my eternal love anappreciation. The bleeding had to be stopped with emergency surgery.Punctured lungs threatened my life again the following day and themedical team did a superb job getting me back together. One guy told meI was one of the luckiest guys he ever saw. I told him God started inlong before luck could have ever been enough. I was unconsciousness from Mon to Wed. On Thursday my sweet wife finally arrived after T&Lwas able to get her passport in one day. My situation is stable now and I am scheduled to fly home on Thursday 17th via air ambulance to Mobile.

A medical team awaits our arrival to whisk me to a local hospital for a series of surgeries and recovery at home. I would love to see each ofyou personally, just not sure of my surgery/recovery schedule at thistime. Please contact Pam McCarty next Monday regarding visitation nextweek. This weekend is reserved for reunion with my family as well as medical stabilization.

I want to close in thanks to Jesus Christ and give Him glory for my safety, healing, recovery, and His wonderful work of love through eachof you. If I had not lived through this experience and seen miracleslike I have I certainly would not have thIs new level of faith. Hey,it's not about me, it's about God and His Plan. So far I have seen 7doctors, 22 nurses, 9 taxi drivers, 2 flight attendants, 16 hospitalsupport staff, 2 pizza delivery guys, 5 hotel workers, 2 attorneys, andabout 25 other regular people directly touched and changed by thisexperience.. The real number would stagger us all.

Grace and peace to you all. May your life never be the same again either. Look forward to seeing you and hearing from you soon.

Alive again,Mike


Hebrew_Star on Sunday, December 04, 2005 said...

Indeed!! All praise to God!! He's just really amazing!! I was just telling a ecently discovered relative (in BMC!!!) that God does work wonders, he never ceases to amaze us by meeting our spoken or unspoken desires... He has His ways and He always knows when w need, where we need and what we need...

God is indeed ALL powerful, all knowing, all loving, all forgiving... all EVERYTHING!! He is simply GOD!!!

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