Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Bro preaches...

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, February 21, 2010
Tonight, my brother preached at his church in the evening service for the first time. And so the whole family, including my parents all went to support him.

All of us hopped into my mum's van as we made our way there. Journeys in my mum's van has always been fun for the children as they loved it. Its like an adventure where the children can play together in the van since it can accommodate many people.

My brother preached on "missions" since that is his area. He did quite a good job-very 'teacher'-style with diagrams and presentation.

It was difficult to keep the children quiet throughout the whole service. Danielle was playing on the pew and smiling at everyone around her.

There's Danielle lying down..

And thank God for the children's room where Caleb and Janine could play inside.

But its also because of this room that I had a hard time getting Caleb out! He loved sitting on the bulldozer. He really loves any construction vehicles.

After service, the children went down to slide in the playground. Check out my monkey!

After that, we set off to have our family reunion dinner at Por Kee in Tiong Bahru, our usual haunt every year.

We had to sit in two tables-adult one side and children/grandchildren on another side. It was havoc! First of all, the place is always so crowded and squeezy. No place for the kids to run about, taking into consideration that I have two hyperactive children. The place is also noisy since its packed with people.

And also, I was short-handed as CT wasnt around to help with the children. We, the parents sitting around the table, didnt talk very much as we were all busy feeding our children and dealing with the discipline aspect of making them sit still and be quiet as well as trying our best to make sure no plates or cups do not end up on the floor or broken because of their misbehaviour. It was hectic.

What made things worse was how Danielle puked her food after eating in yu sheng as she probably couldnt chew it down. So we had to clean her up in the middle of our meals.

And another thing that happened was how Joyanne poo poo big time on the whole high chair. It was really a disaster as it went onto the seat and her clothes and socks! It was very disgusting!

And because our table had so many children, we had lots of food which didnt finish (which was pretty quite unusual since my brother who was sitting with us is known to finish all food)

But as usual, like every year, I would leave this place satisfied with the food but yet, happy that I am out of the restaurant as its simple too squeezy and noisy.

For two full tables of almost 20 people, the dinner costs us only about $300 plus. We had about 8 dishes (just an estimation). No wonder this place is usually packed! I really wonder when will this restaurant ever renovate and expand in size then I will not only enjoy the food, but also the ambience.


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