Saturday, June 05, 2010

At least I tried...

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, June 05, 2010
One of my goals in life is very simple- to do my best in all that I do. In becoming a mother, there are indeed a lot of challenges and one of them is to think of how to allow my kids to make use of their time.

I do get guilty when I choose the easier option of just switching on the TV and slip in the Hi 5 Disc into the player. They love it! They would run to the sofa and sit down quickly whenever they see me taking out the disc. Their instant obedience amazes me.

Now that the June Holidays is here, I have been thinking how to occupy them since Caleb does not need to go to school.

I came up with different activities which Caleb can play.

This is a learning size activity where Caleb can sort out the big and small animals.

Then there's activities for Caleb to learn how to write properly. I purposely place them inside the plastic cover so that he can use and re-use again.

He loves this particular activity

Then there's math readiness activities.

not forgetting chinese ones when he learns the numbers.

And then there's alphabets when he learns the uppercase and lowercase alphabets.

I also came up with memory game laminated cards when there's a pair for every picture.

Also made a picture of a truck and fish where I hole punched them so that Caleb can learn lacing so that he can learn to focus and keep his hands steady.

Was motivated by many stay-at-home mums to come up with all these. Finally did it just in time to prepare for my trip to Malaysia with CT and Caleb!

So whatever happens to my children, I have the peace that God will not only take care of them but at least I have tried to be a better mum for them. Will continue to strive and be better each time. Definitely much more to learn!


Mama Bliss on Friday, August 13, 2010 said...

WOW you have indeed put in a lot of time and effort!!! Kudos to your desire to want to be the best that you can be for your children :)

those activities look GREAT, especially the matching game, you've made the sets in so many different themes COOL!!!! Am sure Caleb had a blast just by spending time with you ;)

I, too have the same problem sometimes ie. to just pop in the dvd or turn on the Playhouse Disney for the kids... so I've gotta check and kick myself not to slump into complacency as the kids grow up so quickly better make good use of the time I have with them ;)

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