Thursday, November 11, 2010

Facing up to my fear

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, November 11, 2010
One of the fears that I have is heights. When I know that today is going to be a high ropes challenge, I was quite ready to face up to it and kiss that fear goodbye. I love challenges as it drives me to be a stronger person, mentally.

So we checked out of Blue Mountains YHA Hostel and drove to Camp Yarramundi for team building first.

The first game was fun as the group was split into two and had to go over obstacles without touching the ground.

After that, we went to the high ropes obstacle course which I wasnt really looking forward to it as I was afraid.

But I told myself that I came all the way to Australia, I definitely had to give it a go!

But of course, I made sure my students all tried first and if there was time, I would try. I was surprised to see how all my students tried without much hesitation. They were confident and were all willing to give it a try! I guess its because they have done obstacles like that before, so they know what to expect.

Anyway, I finally took a deep breath and went up. I even had problems climbing up and being up there. But the other thing that went through my mind is that I should not show my fear to my students just because I felt I was the teacher and therefore in some sense, I was the leader. I need to be tough. Hehe. I was trying very hard to psyche myself and say positive words in my head as I did it.

Then there was this obstacle with all the tyres and swinging log which was the toughest but in my mind, I just wanted to get over and done with. So I moved my legs real fast on that one though I hated this the most. So it was quite ironic how the toughest obstacle became the one which I completed the fastest.

My colleague, Sabrina who went just before me also completed the course and after coming down, we felt so proud of ourselves and so accomplished as we faced up to our fears.

Well done Sabrina! We can now join Amazing race as both of us a great fans of that show! ;)

After that, we had lunch at the cafeteria.

Food was great because it was so healthy!

After lunch, we had 3 more team building games before our bus driver drove us back to Sydney Central where we checked into our third and final hostel- Railway Square YHA Hostel.

It was a nice, trendy hostel with a railway theme going on in there as they used the old railway station to build into this.

After dropping my luggage into my room, I went with Sabrina to the streets of Sydney to buy stamps and to post our mail. We wrote a postcard to be sent home, despite it being the last night at Sydney.

I was actually inspired by my student, Costner on this trip. His family has a tradition of sending postcards home whenever a family member travels abroad as they like to see the different countries' stamps and probably the idea of getting a postcard from a family member. I loved it and so, I thought of sending one back to start this tradition in my family especially so since children nowadays are so exposed to technology that sending emails is so convenient but yet, I feel is not as personal. I really like my children to learn there are some things in life that we should not neglect or trade for and that technology may help us in many ways but also harm us in some ways.

Anyway, we had dinner at a nice Indonesian Restaurant at Chinatown before we went shopping at Harbourside Shopping Centre.

It was a nice stroll to Harbourside.

Here's the shopping area. Great view of the waters.

After shopping for about one and a half hours, we walked back but on the way back, I took away KFC and my favourite Starbucks Dark Mocha Frap drink to celebrate my last night in Sydney!

A few students and Sabrina came over to my room as we played Monopoly Deal cards. It was fun!

Played a while before we had our KFC supper! So good..

Slept at about 2am...while my students left and continued playing Monopoly Deal in their rooms.

Oh by the way, it was my mum's birthday today. So managed to sms her to wish her!


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