Friday, November 20, 2009

50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Posted by Dawn at Friday, November 20, 2009
Tonight was our school's 50th year anniversary. The celebration dinner was held in Suntec City Convention Centre. Most of the teachers had our duties to carry out that night, but I was one of the fortunate ones without any duties. However, I still went early as I went with my colleague, Karen.

Karen was on duty and so I stayed with her at the door gift table to help her out. It was quite fun as we laid out the anniversary books and coasters for the guest who paid $150 or $200 ticket.

We were rather bored as most guests came late. So we started taking pictures amongst the teachers and students. Here's my colleagues with my vice principal (2nd from left), Ms Lena Seet.

We kept taking pictures after pictures...

Then my students arrived and wanted to take pictures with me. Some almost couldnt recognise me because of my new haircut! How interesting..

Here's Eunice from my Math class, 4E1. She is one enthusiastic girl. When the class would stand up to greet me at the start of lesson or thank me at the end of lesson, her voice would be the most audible! Very friendly gal!

And here are the boys from Sec 5N1 and 5N2 (Teng Hua, Daryl and Cavell). Will definitely miss teaching all of them.

The stage was done up quite nicely. Everything was good, probably except for the food! It was really bad. It was a 8 course dinner and they actually served Singaporean Fried Bee Hoon which was so hard and tasteless! Worst tasting noodles ever!

During the later part of the night, I was called out of the ballroom to take more pictures with my students. So its phototaking time once again!

They wanted individual shots and group shots. So my cheeks were kind of aching from all that smiling.

By the way, the dress I was wearing is my mother's. I didnt want to waste money buying since I knew my mum would have lots of clothes to try on. Moreover, she was happy to lend me since it was a very expensive dress (4 figure sum) and its more worth her spending that amount if it has been worn more times, rather than sitting in the cupboard. I like the back of the dress as its a little bare back..too bad no pictures to show.

Everything finished about 10 plus and by the time I reached home, it was eleven. What a tiring night! I am quite sure most are glad that this night is finally over!


Sher on Thursday, December 10, 2009 said...

i was going to say its a v nice dress then i read the part about it being your mum's dress!!!

funny how our mums all have nicer clothes than us.

Dawn on Thursday, December 10, 2009 said...

haha..yea cos we are more practical. ;p

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