Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's baking time!

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, November 19, 2009
Today, the teachers organised baking session in school, taught by our very own Food & Nutrition teacher, Mrs Choo. She has been very kind to organise cooking sessions like these as well as boiling drinks like barley or green bean soup for the teachers.

Mrs Choo taught us how to make banana and nut cupcakes. I participated more for the fun of it as I knew I would be able to take back what I prepared. Moreover, I didnt have much things to do in school anyway.

Here were the things given to me...

It was easy and fun to make, especially when there were a number of us all trying to follow the steps and doing it together.

This is the outcome after mixing the flour with egg, sugar and butter..

Then I throw in the nuts, raisins and banana with milk

Put it into the cupcake wrapper and into the oven

What better way to spend our time while waiting for the cupcakes to be baked...take more pictures!

Here's the outcome of my cupcakes! So proud of my achievement as they looked so perfect!

There's me and Mrs Choo,my shi fu (teacher)!

Mrs Choo commented during the baking session that I am a good and quiet worker. Her comment kind of triggered me to think about myself and how I work..Indeed, she was right. During the whole time, the other teachers keep asking Mrs Choo to check their work and they go about talking and discussing on their outcome.

As for me, I was just quietly doing my stuff and concentrating. Her comment made me realised more about my myself and my working style-You just leave me alone and let me do my stuff...dont disturb me and I will be able to produce good work. If I have any questions, I will definitely speak up and ask. If not, dont bother me!!

Cant wait for my next cooking session, which will probably be next year during the holidays, when most teachers would be free and relaxed!


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