Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last day at Desaru

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, November 28, 2009
Didnt catch the sunrise today, but still woke up pretty early. By 745am, we were on our way to eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Was slightly disappointed that there wasnt the Japanese Soba noodles today. Nevertheless, I still ate a lot!

It's always good to take a stroll after a hearty breakfast.

Moreover, Caleb wanted to play with the sand. So brought the kids back to the beach.

Ok, one last look at the beach and the hotel, before we left..

Went back to pack up before we left at about 930am from Pulai Desaru Beach!

We drove to Kota Tinggi Waterfalls after we checked out of the hotel. There were a lot of people. Too many for my liking! But it was fun to see and experience the waterfall!

Caleb was too afraid to go into the water. So since Danielle didnt have the ability to protest, we took (or rather, forced) her down with us. I quickly went under the waterfall as I slowly inched my way there as the rocks were very slippery.

The water was freezing but it was fun! CT had a go under the waterfalls too! It was practically beating against our backs. Quite painful actually. Oh well, just for the experience and probably, natural massage session.

That was the furthest Caleb went in touching the waters!

The place was like a water-themed park by itself as there were slides and games held in the water.

There was also a staircase leading up to the waterfalls, which CT attemped and it seemed that there are more waterfalls on top.

Not sure whether I would be back again considering the crowd!

Maybe I would when the kids are old enough the play the slides and if the crowd suddenly all disappear.

I was thankful that during this trip, the children were quite alright in the car.

After the waterfalls, we went to City Square Mall at JB (near the Causeway) for shopping and late lunch. Went to the food court for lunch as we wanted some variety. CT was still full. So I bought Malay vegetable rice and shared with him. This stall had a very interesting concept. They would pass you a plate of rice and what you do is to scoop whatever dishes you want, any amount you require-buffet style. And at the end of it all, they will charge according to the number of items and probably amount of veggies..This plate costs me about S$5. Quite reasonable since I took cuttlefish, a huge piece of chicken thigh and veggies with beancurd.

We walked around and did some shopping before heading back to Singapore. I bought a couple of clothes for myself and the children as well as bread and buns for breakfast.

The mall is quite huge and crowded.

Didnt stay too long as all of us were quite tired. Reached home at about 6pm.

A very enjoyable trip but it wasnt easy travelling with Danielle as at nights, we would be woken up by her cries. CT told me that Danielle and Vicky should stay at home the next time round as we would be coming back to Malaysia in few weeks time for our church cell group retreat! Though I would miss Danielle during that time, but I do agree with CT that it would definitely be more enjoyable and less tiring if we just took Caleb for now.


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