Saturday, November 14, 2009

Caleb will be going to school!

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, November 14, 2009
Caleb will be going school next year and today, CT and I went for the orientation programme in his school, which is also our church. So Caleb is already familiar with the surroundings and atmosphere.

The Christmas tree in church is up already and it looks really nice.

We didnt bring Caleb along for the orientation briefing as we felt we wanted to focus and it would be rather distracting to bring him along. However, his sunday school friend, Ezekiel who is same age as Caleb, was looking for him to play together. Poor boy..he was all alone.

Initially, they were supposed to be in the same class next year in Pre-Nursery, but because the school bus doesnt come my place in the 1st session, I had no choice but to enrol Caleb in the afternoon session. I actually did feel bad for Ezekiel and Caleb for splitting them up but what to do? Anyway, they will still see each other on Sunday. ;)

I am pretty excited for Caleb to go school next year. I cant wait to sit down with him and see him do his work. I cant wait to teach him and let him have fun learning! It will be so neat to see him develop and progress each day as he learns new stuff.

Here's my big boy who will be going school next year! *sniff*


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