Thursday, November 05, 2009

What has Caleb been up to?

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, November 05, 2009
My students are already having their school holidays. As for me, I had been busy with 'O' Levels Invigilation. It was quite enjoyable to be down for invigilation as I could stay at home on days I was not on duty. So I could sleep in and spend more time with the children.

When CT goes to work early in the morning, I would transfer Caleb from his bed to my bed to sleep together with me as we can then share one fan and its easier to tend to his needs if he wakes up and cries.

He usually wakes up at about 730 or 8am. And the next naptime would be at 2pm. Its rather easy to put him to sleep now that he is older. I would read a story book to him before he sleeps and when I tell him to sleep, he would lie down and soon after, he would doze off. But of course, at times when I tell him to sleep, he would start monkeying around, doing his somersaults on my bed (Yes, he has learnt how to do that already!) but when he sees that I am stern in wanting him to sleep, he would obey.

The times when he is not sleeping and when Danielle is sleeping, I would quickly do some handicraft work with him. Reason is because of we do it with Danielle around, she would start messing up or eating up the play dough or crayons.

Here's Caleb doing his first masterpiece paint work!

Whenever you do such art work with a 2 year old, be prepared for mess! It is troublesome to clean up after that but I have to keep telling myself that it is worth it. (By the way, Caleb ended up spilling the dirty water while stirring too hard. Sigh. So the water was all over his painting that I had to throw it away. So I couldnt take the end product of his masterpiece)

Anyway, if you are interesting to do some activities with your child as well, go search in the internet. There are a lot of ideas and resources available!


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