Monday, November 09, 2009

The transformation...

Posted by Dawn at Monday, November 09, 2009
Today, my colleague brought me to Monsoon-The Hair Phenomenon at Novena for a makeover of my hairstyle! Monsoon is run by Addy Lee, the guy who does hair for celebrities like Quan Yifeng, Mark Lee, Michelle Chia and hubby etc.. When I first entered, I was taken aback at the simplicity of the whole place. They just had chairs in front of full length mirrors. No tables in front at all!

I was pretty excited to change my look as frankly speaking, I was very sick of it and I knew all along that a change was needed..QUICK and BAD, especially since after given birth to 2 kids..

Another colleague also tagged along as she was very interested to see my makeover.

So here's before my haircut!

The process was quite enjoyable as my hairstylist, Wang was so professional. He cut at an amazing speed and it was rather immediate as to what kind of hairstyle would suit me. He was very decisive and quick.

Here's Wang's sidekick, nicknamed Little Mousie (because of her buckteeth) colouring my hair. She did the shampooing and blowing as well. I like her as we talked and talked throughout and it was fun to have her company as well!

After a while, my colleague who came to tag along, saw how professional Wang was that she decided to do up her hair as well! So funny as she didnt intend to do her hair here, since the place is not cheap!

As for Sarah, my colleague who brought us here...she sat on the chair and talked the whole time with us and the people there...until as the time passed by, she was talking less and less (a clear indication of how bored and tired she was getting). So she kept herself awake and busy by taking photos of herself!

After about 2 plus hours, here's my final look!

And here's Wang, my hairstylist, who is now my game buddy in facebook!

During my time here in Monsoon, I managed to catch 2 local celebrities in the shop. One was Michelle Chia's husband, Shuen Chen. (photo taken from Wanbao)

as well as Zhen Xiao Yin

Xiao Yin was sitting near me and happened to mention to me about my hair as she was also talking to Wang.

My total hair makeover cost me $230 (plus colouring of 2 colours, treatment and cut). Most people would be shocked to find me spending such money but if you ask me whether I would still go back, I would because it was worth every cent. I enjoyed the whole experience, the bond I have with my hairstylist and shampoo gal, the joy of seeing something different in me and having a new hairlook..I would definitely be back again but only for a next change in hairstyle.


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