Sunday, January 11, 2009

Angel's first year party

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, January 11, 2009
Today, Vicky went for her off day. In a way, it's good because it is yet another opportunity for me and CT to have alone time with the kids and also from this, we can sharpen our skills as parents and not rely on Vicky to handle.

Went to my cousin's place today to celebrate her daughter's first year birthday. How time flies.

The party was very enjoyable and as usual, the food was great! When we first arrived, it was close to 1 pm already. Was late because Danielle was sound asleep in the morning. We kept waiting for her to wake up so that we can go for the party but she was sleeping so nicely. Eventually, we had to wake her up, bathed and changed her all within half an hour and then zoomed out of the house.

Caleb seemed to have a good time at the play corner as he sat nicely there as I fed him his lunch.

After that, balloons were distributed and as the kids were rushing to get more than one balloon, I was quite pleased that Caleb was just satisfied with one balloon which he held tightly to. When my aunt gave him another balloon, he would let go of it and keep his blue balloon.

It was a spectacular entrance when the cake arrived and Caleb was in the way.

Moments later, he started wailing. Guess he was frightened by the sparks...CT had to pacify him.

Here's my cousin and her family

And here's my family with my cousin and baby Angelika.

After the party on the way back, I was multi-tasking behind the car. We had 2 balloons (for Caleb and Danielle) that was blocking CT's view as he was driving. So I took the balloons and place it in between my thighs. Then Danielle was I breastfed her on one hand and Caleb fell asleep in the car. SO, I used my other hand to hold his head back as it tends to fall forward. So you can imagine how 'busy' I was and moreover, it was about an half an hour journey! My limbs were aching after that.

But anyway, it's all worth it as car rides enable Caleb to fall asleep naturally without us TRYING hard to put him to sleep with lots of tears in his eyes as that would be the case if we do it back home in his room.


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