Friday, January 09, 2009

Teaching Caleb

Posted by Dawn at Friday, January 09, 2009
Now that I'm on maternity leave, I could spend more time with Caleb and teach him since he is now older and has the urge to learn. ( I know because he keeps pointing at things as if he is asking me what is this called)

Since birth, I have prepared flashcards for Caleb so that I can teach him -from alphabets, to numbers to name of objects which you can easily get from websites, print them out and laminate them on your own.. and of course when he was only few months old and did try to teach him, he ended up either biting them or just look at me blankly. So now that he is older, I brought them out again to give it a try.

Result: Well, he tries to crumple the card and messes everything up. But of course, he does learn a thing or two.

Many mothers place their child in a playgroup so as to create an environment where the child can socialise and thus pick up social skills. However, I am glad Caleb does not have any problem in that as he is so naturally sociable.

Each time when I visit the gynae, he would always be the centre of attention as he befriends strangers and smile at them or send flying kisses to them..or give them a cheeky look or talk gibberish to them in a cute way..

Recently, some of my students came to my house to visit me and to see Caleb and Danielle. Initially Caleb was frightened by the number of people in the house and because he just woke up, he was not used to it. But slowly and surely, he was once again 'doing his thang' and socialising.

I wonder if Danielle would pick up such ability or will she be quiet and shy?


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