Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year Happenings

Posted by Dawn at Monday, January 26, 2009
Today is the first day of CNY and like all the other years, I cooked a vegetarian dish the night before for my breakfast this morning. Ate it with rice and I had to eat it with a BOWL of rice. Yes, a BOWL and not a plate because its more authentic and yummy eating off a bowl with chopsticks! haha.

We left the house at about 1045 am to my mum's place. Here are the children all dressed up and ready to go as they waited for CT to get ready.

Introducing to you cheeky Caleb with THAT smile on his face...

and demure Danielle with her feet crossed just like a lady..

By the way, CT bought the dress for Danielle when he went to US. Guess how much? haha..costs US$ 15 only! So sweet right? (I meant both Danielle and CT)

Went to my parents place to serve them tea. Then after that, went to my mum-in-law's place for lunch.

And we had Lo Hei to begin with! Yup, its Caleb's third time playing with it already. Seasoned tosser!

And here's Keelia having a go too at the Lo Hei!

Too bad Danielle cant join in. She was left all alone at the living room..Poor girl.

And there is CT keeping Danielle company.

For lunch, we had the famous Pig Stomach soup and the yummiest ngor hiang which my mum-in-law makes. I loved it! She also cooked dry mee siam-another popular dish.

And for dessert, my sister-in-law made a birthday cake for CT. The cake was very light and yummy! Wished there was more! hehe..

And a family shot. Danielle was not in the picture because she was fast asleep on the sofa. We didnt want to disturb her beauty sleep.

After lunch, relatives came to my in-law's place. Both Danielle and Caleb were fast asleep upstairs. Then we visited a relative's house at Pasir Ris before going to grandma's place at Tampines.

Caleb was so active after his sleep and as usual, he was very sociable. He tried mixing around with his uncle (who is CT's cousin) but his uncle simply ignored him even when Caleb tried to smile and go near him.

Caleb was making himself at home by running everywhere and playing on every inch and corner of the mattress.

Then after a while, Keelia joined Caleb and started playing with him. They both had a great time laughing and playing.

Finally reached home in the evening for a good rest! Happy Birthday CT!


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