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Himawari Japanese Restaurant

Posted by Dawn at Friday, January 02, 2009
Being a sucker for sashimi, each time after I give birth, CT would treat me to a nice Japanese buffet with great sashimi so as to reward me since I can't eat much raw food when I'm pregnant. My last treat after giving birth to Caleb was at Hotel Miramar, Ikoi Restaurant. Didnt go back there again as recently Channel 8 was showing people eating at Hamawari and it looks so yummy!

They have 3 branches in Singapore and I chose to go to their newest branch along Alexandra Road, opposite PSA Building. This branch is nice as the surrounding buildings in the same premise are all new and so there are lots of parking everywhere.

We went during lunch time as its cheaper (since the menu is the same as dinner) but because we went on a Friday, we were charged weekend price. But we expected it and didnt mind since CT is on leave today.

We first ordered shabu shabu (steamboat) as the weather was nice and cooling. We chose beef, pork and chicken. If I would go back another time, I could skip the chicken as its chunky and nothing special.The beef and pork is good enough!

They have 3 different types of dipping sauce to go with.

From the start of the ala-carte buffet to the end, I enjoyed myself tremendously as every dish was very nice. The sashimi was so fresh and thick- just as how I would like it done. The fried stuff is normal...

I would highly highly highly recommend this place to all sashimi lovers as I heard that the Japanese boss imports the food every Tues from the Tsukiji fish market (the largest fish market in the world) in Tokyo Japan. So you can expect the quality of the fish! The restaurant also serves sukiyaki but CT and I skipped that since we always have it at home or my mum's place.

Aside from the sashimi, I also love the grilled beef! Its so tender and juicy that I kept making the "mmm..." noises when I take a piece and put it in my mouth. Its THAT nice.

I ended off the buffet with a California Salad to cleanse my system and ordered another plate of grilled beef to end off the wonderful meal! Amazingly, the salad was nice and refreshing as it came with slices of avocado.

For the record, this was what CT and I had..(Here's their website for you to visualise the food)

1) Shabu Shabu with beef, pork, assorted vegetables and mushrooms, tofu
2) Chawanmushi (1)
3) California Salad (1)
4) Mixed Sashimi (2)
5) Hamachi Sashimi (1)
6) Ika Sashimi (1)
7) Mixed Tempura (1)
8) Ebi Tempura (1)
9) Grilled Beef Fillet (2)
10) Grilled Salmon Shioyaki (1)
11) Grilled Saba Shioyaki (Mackerel) (1)
12) Grilled Gindara Teriyaki (Cod Fish)(1)- found all the food with teriyaki sauce too overpowering
13) Grilled unagi (1)
14) Yakitori - very very juicy and tender
15) Fried Crabmeat Age (1)
16) Fried Octopus (1)
17) Fried Gyoza (1)
18) Tako Yaki (Octopus Ball) (1)
19) Fried Soft Shell Crab (1)
20) Tamago Soup (Egg Soup)(1)
21) Miso Soup (1)

Both CT and I felt so full after the meal. (As any buffet would make you) We paid about $40 each person (inc tax). Very worth it considering how expensive sashimi costs in any Jap Restaurant.

The service was good and the food was great! The amazing thing was that unlike other buffets where I get put off by the place after such a heavy meal but this time round, I was actually craving to go back there again when night fell...and I was even regretting not trying certain types of food. I will definitely go back there again!

Here's what I would order if I do go back..

1) Mixed Sashimi
2) All individual plates of sashimi
3) Shishamo Tempura
4) Enoki Tempura
5) Grilled pork fillet
6) Grilled Sanma Shioyaki
7) Grilled Salmon Head
8) Fried Pork Katsu
9) Kaki Fried (Oyster)
10) Fried Seafood Harumaki
11) Potato Croquette
12) Pork Katsu Toji(With Egg Gravy Sauce)
13) Yakiniku Beef
14) Buta Kimuchi Nabe (Pork)
15) Tara Tofu Nabe (Cod Fish)

Oh gosh..can't wait to go again! Yum Yum! (but must lose weight first)


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