Monday, January 12, 2009

Chinese New Year traditions

Posted by Dawn at Monday, January 12, 2009
If you ask me if I am a traditional person, I have to admit I am in some sense. (I believe in some kind of balance). I like traditions to a certain extent as I keep those that are fun and meaningful. One of the CNY traditions that I am keeping is that every first morning of the chinese new year, I would cook one big pot of vegetarian dish and rice to eat with for breakfast. I grew up eating this when I was young when my family would visit my grandma and have our breakfast there. Now that my grandma has passed away and I have married out, this is one tradition that I am still following in my family.

Another tradition is to visit my parents in the morning to serve tea as a sign of respect and deep appreciation for all that they have done. Its meaningful as I would also like my children to grow up appreciating all that me and CT have done for them.

I also have my own family steamboat cum BBQ before CNY so that the family can sit down together to enjoy the meal. But of course right now, its only CT and me sitting down to eat as Vicky has to take care of the children while we can eat in peace. Ha. But I really cant wait for them grow up so that they can sit down with us and enjoy the meal together!

What I do not like about traditions is that when it is just becomes an empty or blind imitation and when asked why do you follow this, one would say," Oh, because my parents and grandparents do that or I hear people do it, so I just follow." My own personal opinion is that God gave us a brain to think logically and have our own mind to decide whether it is meaningful to keep or not and I am definitely not one to follow blindly and not know what I am doing. Does keeping the tradition make sense? What does it fulfil? How logical is it to keep it?

In this coming new year, I am definitely looking forward to spending more time with my family and relatives and of course, excited to let Caleb and Danielle soak in the whole atmosphere of it all.


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