Monday, March 30, 2009

Jealousy (part 2)

Posted by Dawn at Monday, March 30, 2009
Besides being jealous of meimei wearing his shirts, he would also say, "No!" when meimei sits on his bumbo seat.

I would place meimei on the seat whenever I want to do my own stuff and need both my hands as she doesnt like to be placed lying in her cot. She likes to be upright. So instead of carrying her, I place her there which I know is going to be temporary as Danielle doesnt really enjoy sitting in there because I think she is outgrowing it! Whenever I get her off the seat,she gets stuck in it. Unlike Caleb who is still sitting on it to get his haircuts and he is already coming to 2 years old!!

Caleb would also say a loud,"No!" when he sees meimei in the pram and he wants to be in it. So most of the time, he sits in the pram since he is heavier and also because we prefer some peace to our ears, instead of hearing Caleb whine and cry.

Most parents who have their second child would always wonder how their first child would adjust to having a new sibling. Well for one, I am thankful that I have both of them at a very close age gap. Most would hesitate to get a second one within a year as both of them are still young and its difficult to take care of 2 young babies who have yet learnt to talk. That is true but on the other hand, I only had Caleb for a year and the second one comes along. So in a way, he is not that attached to me yet as compared to having a child that is about 3-4 years old (who is used to being alone and suddenly another family member arrives) and moreover, he is still young to be overly jealous.

So I am quite happy that his 'jealousy' is still manageable. On the other hand, when he goes down to the park with Vicky, he would once in a while bring back flowers for meimei.

He also asks for meimei whenever he wakes up from his sleep and enjoys going onto the bed to play with her. I feel meimei also enjoys Caleb's company as she would stop crying when Caleb talks to her and smiles once in a while.

So all in all, CT and I are both happy that our children's age is just one year apart and we continue to pray that they will continue to love each other and have a close relationship.


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