Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Play dough"

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Today, decided to have some fun with Caleb by making our own "play dough". I just simply add flour with water. I read the internet and you can actually add peanut butter and salt so as to make it 'edible'. But I felt it was quite a waste to add peanut butter as Caleb is not exactly going to eat it.

So here's the process of making it. Initially, Caleb was quite uncomfortable in getting his hands dirty. He kept saying, "Yeee..."

But after assuring him that its fine to get dirty all for the sake of fun, he was slightly more comfortable with touching his dough. (sigh. Thought all kids like to get dirty. Didnt imagine myself having to encourage my child to get dirty)

Check out his "flour-y face".

Here are some figurines I made with the dough with my pathetic creativity. No prizes for guessing correctly but I would be super impressed if you did!

Ok, so why dont you try guessing just for the fun of it?

From left to right: tree, snowman, guitar

From left to right: A person, car and a star

Here's our little artist at work.

We had quite a lot of fun!

I seriously think that for Caleb to enjoy the activity, he needs someone to play with him as well. If not, he would be bored and would probably wander off after 5 minutes at it. It's like he knows whether I am really interested in the activity or bored. Seems a bit parallel to teaching. When I stand in front of the class disinterested in teaching, the students would be able to pick it up and would also show the same kind of bored-ness. But if I go into the classroom excited and passionate, the kids would feel it and show the same kind of attitude too.

So, playing with Caleb made me understand how I should really get involved in what he is doing and truly enjoy playing WITH him.

Meimei joined us slightly later and Caleb actually took the dough and placed it on her feet. Ha.


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