Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Life of Danielle before 3 months

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Before 3 months, Danielle has sat in a LRT and MRT to different places already. There was once I took them out during the weekday to Buangkok for lunch at the Kopitiam City and brought them to Plaza Singapura for lunch and shopping on another weekday recently. Both trips all by public transport. Tough but manageable.

And from my previous posts about Danielle, you know that she has lifted her head even before one month which I felt was amazing.

Another achievement is that she can turn already. She does it only once in a blue moon and I was glad to be able to witnessed this rare occasion where she flipped. But of course, I wasnt prepared as she did it so fast.

Initially, she was sleeping on the bed so soundly and also smiling away in her dreams.

And the next minute, she lifted her head so high and back that she flipped over, and started wailing.

And just slightly over 2 months, she kept crying that CT grew irritated and decided to buy a pacifier for her. Of course, I was the one to choose it as it had to be aesthetically approved for her to use it.

However, I focused too much on the aesthetics that I realised I bought a pacifier without a cover. Sigh. And though it looks nice, when placed in her mouth, it just looks so strange. Oh well..Anyway, after a few days of using it, she now doesnt like to use it already. So we have given up on this pacifier already. She prefers her fingers.

It was so interesting when I saw Caleb putting the teether in his mouth and sitting near Meimei as both had something in their mouths.

Meimei's hair has also been growing quite well. I love her soft, fluffy hair on top and of course, her nice, deep dimples. The only thing is that she doesnt have double eyelids like I do.

I feel that I'm more protective towards meimei than to Caleb probably not only because meimei is a girl but she also behaves and looks more like a baby, than Caleb when he was at her age.

Just look at that smile. How can I not be protective towards her?


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