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Posted by Dawn at Monday, March 30, 2009
Caning children has always been a debatable issue as discussed in newspapers and I definitely approve using the cane as that was how I grew up with. Yes, I was a very naughty child in my growing up days as I would lie alot and forge my parents' signature on tests which I did badly. I will never forget the times when my mum would threaten to cut my tongue with a scissors, eat chilli etc. But eventually, I understand why my mum had to do all that she did to me..and that is love.

A few years back when I met a parent whose child has been giving problems to all his teachers and the father told me his only regret was that he had never caned his child since young. He regrets not caning him and now that he is in secondary school, he cannot cane already as he is too old for that. And after hearing such words from a parent, I was determined that caning is the way for me to bring up my children as I do not want to live with such regrets in future when they grow up and they start disrespecting people around them and refuses to do their homework etc.

So I conclude that any method of punishment works for the child just as long as you do it because you love them and not do it because you are angry.

Starting at 18 months old, CT and I have been enforcing punishments on Caleb as he now understands what we want from him. We have so far punished him for playing with the water in the fish tank (which works because he has not done it already), for throwing things on purpose, for screaming and shouting, for not listening to CT and me etc.

There was once in the afternoon when I punished him by spanking his hand with a drum stick and placed him in the naughty corner, he actually fell asleep!! I was surprised how still he was. So when I went up to him, he actually sat until he dozed off. Ha!

To be frank, Caleb has been a good boy so far as he does not resist punishment. Instead there have been times when he knows he has done wrong and he automatically puts out his hand for me to spank.

And when placed in the naughty corner, he would cry and sit still without moving. CT and I would definitely continue to teach our children by disciplining them and would not tolerate any defiance or disrespect. But of course, everything is done out of LOVE.


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