Saturday, March 14, 2009

Typical Saturday

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, March 14, 2009
Our typical Saturday for me would be waking up at about 7-715am. Pack my wallet, water bottle and tissue into my small recycling bag. While waiting for CT to wash up, I would be playing with Caleb or changing his diaper. Vicky would also be brushing Caleb's teeth and we could change him.

Then when CT is out of the room, we would go somewhere for a quick breakfast before heading to Giant together with Caleb for our supermarketing. We leave Vicky and Danielle at home since Vicky has lots of housework to do and also since Danielle's feeding time is about 830-9am.

We would reach Giant at about 830am and I would TRY to buy all the groceries for the week. (TRY because most of the time, I would still forget to buy some stuff and during the week, I would visit the supermarket down at my block to pick up a thing or two). We would place Caleb in the trolley as CT pushes it. I would be the one leading the way as we grab stuff out of the shelf. While shopping, CT would be teaching Caleb the name of fruits and vegetables in English and Mandarin.

CT once commented that I am the youngest shopper there as most would be in their 40s or 50s. And yes, I would be the youngest shopper squeezing in between aunties grabbing for discounted fruits or fish.

However, I would not be like some of them who stands in front of the pork bones counter for such a looong time just to choose those pork bones that are on sale. They would pick and drop them as if there is any difference.(Giant Tampines pork counter used to be open for public to choose and pick) I guess its because of these aunties who clog up the area that has Giant changing the counter to prevent people from choosing now.

I told CT that well, you seldom see people my age buying groceries because firstly, they may not be married yet (as I am still in my 20s) and if they are, they seldom cook. They would rely on their mothers or in-laws to do that.

Anyway, after pushing my trolley load full of groceries to the cashier, we would always wonder which queue is the fastest so that we will not waste time waiting. Yup, it is the hurry sickness- we find ourselves counting how many people in each line, multiplying this number by the number of items in their trolley. And even after we get in line, we keep track of the person who WOULD HAVE BEEN ME in the other line. If we get through and the person who WOULD HAVE BEEN ME is still waiting, we are elated. We've won!! But if the alter-me is walking out of the store and we're still in line, we feel depressed. Does all these seem familiar to you?

Ok, back to what I do on a typical Saturday.

When in line, CT would take Caleb out of the trolley to the outside of the counters for him to run up and down. Caleb would be running around so happily like a bird who has just been set free.

After that, I would foot the bill which usually amounts to $100 over and place Caleb back to the trolley before we zoom back home. Usually, we would reach home by 930am. Everything is quite chopchop because I would have my shopping list ready just before going to Giant as I consult Vicky. (Actually, I would start my list on either Wed or Thurs when the promotion discounts for Giant are out in the newspaper).We do not deviate from the list and stick strictly to it. So everything is quite fast.

After reaching home, I would help Vicky load the groceries into the fridge. Then Vicky would be preparing the food for lunch just before she goes down to wash the car.

For lunch, we would eat something simple like noodles or porridge. And after lunch, I would do my stuff on the computer or watch a movie with CT at home.

In the evening or late afternoon, we would go out together as a family. Today, actually, we wanted to drop by the new shopping centre at Sembawang. But because it was raining so heavily, we decided to go somewhere nearer. So we went to Compass Point, Sengkang for dinner.

Since I had a craving for curry rice, we ate at the new restaurant called "Curry San" which serves almost everything curry.

Danielle was wearing her dress and jacket since the weather was cold.

After she made some noises in the pram, I placed her on CT and she was happy there.

Then after dinner, we had a nice walk around the shopping centre before heading home for yet another movie! Ha.

So this is what I usually do on a Saturday.


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