Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sibling moments

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Its funny how when we are at home, Caleb cares so much for his younger sister but when he is out of the house, he wouldnt even take a glance at her. Distractions maybe? I dunno...

Certain times of the day, Caleb would ask for mei mei and when she cries, he would want to go near her to pacify her. He enjoys lying down with her and staring at her with great affection. And then, he would start kissing mei mei all over her face automatically. He does it so lovingly that I cant help but learn from this young boy.

Caleb enjoys lying down in the cot with meimei. So here's one of the occasion.

He was laughing so much! Check out the video.

And here's another loving moment together.

The interesting thing is that I didnt force him to put his head on mei mei. In fact, when Vicky forced him, he didnt do it at all (out of rebellion). But when Vicky left to do her stuff and I was left alone with the kids, Caleb just naturally sat next to her and kissed her, hugged her and place his head on her. It was a photo-taking moment which I couldnt miss.

I dont know about you but I see the love in Caleb's eyes...the meek and gentle love he has for his meimei


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