Monday, June 11, 2007

Disappointed with man

Posted by Dawn at Monday, June 11, 2007
Today after church, made my way to Punggol Plaza to have lunch and shop at NTUC, while CT wanted to tighten his new spectacles. Anyway, after lunch, I went to shop at NTUC and bought stuff for my dinner cooking tonight. I chanced upon an advertisement about a new fruit juice flavour from Fruit Tree- Pomegranate, Cranberry apple juice. So, I started looking high and low for it excitedly as I love cranberry and pomegranate juice. Finally, I saw it on the top shelf right at the last row with 2 packets left.

I was slightly disappointed because I did not want to tip toe and stretch as my tummy is getting rather huge. So, I humbly asked this lady who was standing around in her red uniform to help me reach for one packet of the juice. She was actually a fruit juice promoter for Marigold, not Fruit Tree. So her response was," Urm, I scared my boss see. Better not help you take. Why don't you try Marigold fruit juice?" I told her that I only cared about the flavour and Marigold does not have the same flavour I want. Then she continued on declining to help me.

So I went around to look for the NTUC people to help me get the juice. After a while, I went back and asked the same lady who was still standing around at the fruit juice section, not doing anything but standing. I went up and told her," Cant you just help me take? Is it so difficult? Of course, I put it across to her tactfully but with a little of sarcasm as I was already very disappointed. Then she continued rejecting and emphasized that she scared her boss will scold her.

Then, I walked around finding people to help and finally,with relief, saw this NTUC guy who was arranging the fish and after I saw him finish arranging, I asked if he could help me reach for the fruit juice. And did you know what he said? He said," Er..can you go ask someone else?"

Wha..that's it! I was very very and hugely disappointed. I am not asking him a lot of his time and effort. I just need him to help me grab a packet of fruit juice. To them, it would only require few seconds of their time. In my disappointment, I went back to the fruit juice section, and reached for it myself as the same lady who rejected me just stood by and watch a big stomach pregnant lady stretch for it.

When CT came after fixing his specs in the shop, I told him what happened. He said," Why you still buy?" Well, I am a stubborn girl and when I am fixed on something I want, I will want to get it. Moreover, such flavours are hard to get. He was trying to cheer me up after that as I was in tears. Sad because of humans. Disappointed at how selfish man can be...sigh.


Sher on Sunday, June 10, 2007 said...

oh my. so typical of people who are too busy or scared to care about anytone else other than themselves. i'm sure that for every experience like this, though, there are many intances when you are heartened by fellow man.

kidkat on Monday, June 11, 2007 said...

poor dawn! if i were u i would lodge a complaint to NTUC >.< terrible! Once again the ugly singaporean strikes. Bah!

kidkat on Monday, June 11, 2007 said...

they make u cry on your birthday some more!!!!! *grumble* hang them all!!!!

I hope other happier things happen so the day wasn't spoilt by something like this ;o))))

so did CT drag u out of bed for another sunrise shot? hehehe..

Dawn Ling on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 said... CT didnt drag me out for sunrise. Instead, we had supper the night before..and slept in the next morning. This was def a better deal. :)

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