Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New additions to blog

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, June 05, 2007
I have recently changed the template of my blog. I thought the blue and water is really soothing and calming, which speaks more of my mood every day as I reflect and think about my day. So quite appropriate to have this template.

The other new addition is the sudoku puzzle I have at the right-hand side column. I love to play Sudoku and so far, I am still in search of a competitive opponent, thus havent been playing for some time already.

My friend, Winnie and I used to play Sudoku together during school holidays as she is a teacher from TPJC. We would meet at my parent's place at Siglap and just sit down with our stationery-pencil, eraser, pen and start playing with puzzles. She used to be my shi fu (teacher) for a while teaching me the techniques but ever since she impartation of skills to me,I have won her consecutively countless times. So now, I am in search of the next shi fu....

My husband, CT does play with me after much persuasion from me but though he is a guy who has great logical and analytical deduction, I still beat him each time because it is more about speed too! Haha.. When he went to US 2006 alone sent by his company, he came back with a Sudoku boardgame which I was so excited about and played a few times. Sad to say, it has been chucked aside now as I havent found someone who has the time and mood to play with me.

So, if there are any competitors out there who wants to play, do let me know! :) I am game for any challenges.


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