Thursday, June 28, 2007

CT's farewell dinner

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, June 28, 2007
Yesterday was CT's last day of work at Tate & Lyle. For those who knows Tate & Lyle, it is a company that produces "Splenda" sweetener suitable for diabetes. A product very popular in Japan, Australia, UK and USA with lots of products bearing the Splenda logo. Products like ice cream products, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Yoghurt, Jelly Beans etc.. So it means that these products with the splenda logo could be consumed even by diabetics. I remember when I was in US and I only used Splenda for my cooking and enjoyed putting it in my unsweetened Lemon Tea.

Anyway, few months back, CT's ex-company approached him and asked him to go back. His ex-company is "Invista", whose name used to be "Dupont" but was bought over by Koch industries. "Invista" is one of the world’s largest integrated fibers and polymers businesses that manufactures stuff like lycra® and nylon.

It took CT a while to decide to go back to his ex-company. Initially, he joined Tate & Lyle for the experience in starting up a new plant in Jurong Island. So since that has been achieved, he felt it was time to move on. There are still many factors that draw him back to his ex-company and after much prayer, he accepted their offer despite still having a bond in Tate & Lyle by which Invista is willing to pay for.

Anyway, today, some of his colleagues in Tate & Lyle had a farewell dinner for him at plaza brasserie in parkroyal hotel along beach road. I went along because I am quite close to his colleagues as well since we spent almost a year together in the states having so much fun travelling, playing tennis during winter time in our apartment grounds, cooking together, having parties at my apartment, going for buffets together, supermarketing together etc. How I missed those times...

Food at plaza brasserie was great. There was a wide spread of food which I know regretly miss not taking some of it because I was just too full. There were different kinds of roti prata- sardine, chocolate, durian, banana, and the usual kosong and with egg. There was also tempura which was regularly fried and very fresh, prawn mee pork rib soup, sashimi where the chef will slice on the spot for you, sushi, leg of lamb, tempura soft shell crab, shark bone soup, chocolate fondue machine etc etc...Total cost was $40 per person which Anthony drew out his Tate & Lyle gold credit card to pay for. Haha. Anthony just became the operation area manager and he said he will answer for it by using the company's credit card.

Here are his colleagues who went for the dinner...


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