Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Recent PC show

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Taking advantage of the recent PC show, CT went to upgrade his computer yet again. He loves computer hardware stuff and spends his time reading about the new hardware available and will update his programs in his computer as well. Actually, that was one thing that attracted me to him as I find it attractive for a guy to be good in computer. Hahha...nerd.

Anyway, though his computer system is still so good and fast, he still wants to upgrade it to a more powerful system. I guess this is just his little splurge as on the whole, he is very thrifty. So, he told me he would pass me his system while he upgrades his. So, I am now using his 2.8G Pentium 4 system with 1G RAM. What more can I ask? My previous computer had been serving me faithfully for at least 8 years. A Dell computer which I have been using since JC onwards. But has been rather slow in starting up and giving me a little bit of problems which I could still bear but CT couldnt take it. Ha. I told him that at least my computer teaches me to be more patient and wait for it to start up.

So, on the first day of the PC show, we went to Suntec and as expected, the carpark for Suntec, Marina Sq were all full. We ended up parking at Esplanade. We had lunch at Jack's place in Marina Sq and after lunch, I stayed in Marina Sq to look at baby's stuff while he went to Suntec for the PC Show. I didnt want to fight with the crowd.

He ended up not buying anything as the PC show was mainly for people who buys the whole computer set but CT prefers to get individual stuff and fix it up himself. So, it wasnt suitable for him. In the end, he bought a JVC Everio digi camcorder 20G with 32X Optical Zoom for only $700, for which I would claim $400 from MOE as MOE has a scheme now which I can buy anything that can help in my teaching and claim $400.

After buying, CT joined me back at Marina Sq and we made our way to Sim Lim where he can buy his stuff and not fight with the crowd in the PC Show. We parked our car at Tekka Mall which was per entry parking. Very cheap. He bought a new LCD monitor-same size as he previous one (21 inch). He wanted 22 inch at first but the price was not suitable. So he ended up a 21 inch LCD monitor, he got a gd graphic card and motherboard etc...

We spent altogether 3 hours in suntec area and another 3 hours in Sim Lim all for his computer upgrades. My legs were so sore...from all the walking and carrying. Spent a total of $2000 for the day including the digicamera. So, he only spent $1300 for his whole upgraded computer system. Def cheaper when you buy individual components.

After playing with our new computer systems for few weeks already, I am very pleased with it and one day, I saw a sight in my study room which I felt, I had to take a shot of my room...with my computers..
Can you count how many computers we have in our study room? What a sight I must say. CT was doing some upgrading in my old comp and laptop.

I also took a picture of my computer which was handed down from CT. The only thing new is the LCD monitor which CT bought in Sim Lim- Philips LCD 21 inch monitor. The keyboard, mouse and speakers are all my old ones which I can still use. As you can see, I am really making use of my fast system and big screen to play my computer games. Have been playing Command and Conquer 3 and Granado Espada recently with this computer. I will def not have the time to play once school starts.

Well, though I love to play computer games, I am not hooked onto it. I only play when I am free and do not have anything important to do. I can stop anytime I want and I will not feel anything at all, unlike my teenage days where I play for the whole day or whole night and feel myself immersing into the games...and always thinking about it when I am not playing.


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