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Hog's breath cafe at Vivocity

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Today was an exciting day for me as I was eagerly waiting to have dinner with my family at vivocity to celebrate my birthday in advance. I made my way to my mum's place at 330pm and we reached vivo early at about 5pm. Walked for 1 hour before we went to the restaurant where we reserved at 6pm.
During our shopping, I chose my birthday present which my mum paid for it. Got myself a crocs slippers which is yellow and black. I love it. I guess I am more a slippers kind of person and if I had a choice, I wish I can wear slippers my whole life, even at work. And when I mean slippers, I meant flip flops...beach wear type. It just makes me feel so comfortable and at ease with slippers.

Anyway, we walked around and even looked at steering wheel accessories for my PS2 and PC, which my bro is thinking of buying that for me for my birthday present. We just went to check out the price. Shortly later, CT joined us after his work as his company bus dropped him at harbourfront.

We made our way to Hog's Breath Cafe located 3rd level of Vivocity. I love places like these where it is like a cowboy country theme to it. Guess cos places like these usually have decent steak...and huge sized portions. It is a pub cum restaurant place. Very nice. Even overlooks the entrance to sentosa. Caught glimpses for the monorail from sentosa entering and exiting.

As usual, with my family around, we order lots and waste nothing! We each had mugs of soup- fish chowder and cream of mushroom. Initially, I thought fish chowder sounds like some kind of soup for the sick..but it tasted really good..and so does the cream of mushroom which is chopped up mushrooms in a brown based cream soup and not white based which tells a lot of how they blend the mushrooms into the soup. Then we also ordered 2 plates of platter- one seafood platter and one fried finger food platter consisting of mussels with cheese, hot buffalo wings, potato skins, fried calamari, fried fish potato cake, fried chicken nuggets, fried popcorn prawns etc)

Here is the close-up...

I enjoyed the potato skins best.

Do you know this cafe challenges customer to a 1kg portion of steak and if they can finish it within one hour, they can eat that for free. But if not, they have to pay $100 +++. It comes with sides too. My brother was so enthusiastic about it but because we needed to book 2 days in advance, we were rejected as they have to order the steak and pre cook it. How amazing. I trust my brother can do it. His largest portion of beef he has eated in one serving is 800g. We asked the waitress and she told us the steak is actually 50% fat and 50% meat. There were challengers who took it up and one thin-sized lady actually made it while a gentleman failed in his attempt. Haha..

When our mains came, I was slightly full already. I ordered a natural prime rib which is for the purist steak lovers to enjoy. Just consists of a steak with no fancy stuff on it, salad and fries. That's how I love it. And steak must be medium rare for it to be juicy...though pregnant not supposed to eat raw food, i thought, medium rare is fine....i think. :)

My mum ordered her lobster with prime rib as she loves lobsters/crabs.

My dad ordered a panfried dory fish with lemon butter sauce, while my brother and Pamela ordered baby back ribs.

CT got a tex-mex combo which is chunky Beef chimichanga (like spring roll) and a grilled sirloin steak on Cajun rice. Topped with cheese sauce and tomato salsa.

After wiping clean the plates, we ordered dessert. Only ordered one plate of apple crumble and one plate of mud pie. Yummmmm...I loved the apple crumble..warm and crumbly...with nice cold ice cream and whipped cream.

Now as I am writing this blog and putting up the pictures, I feel hungry just by looking at the desserts..

Here is a picture of my brother's family after our dinner!

After such a full dinner, we walked around to the pet safari to see puppies. Janine seemed to enjoy herself. She is really cute at this stage and a little playful too.


Sher on Saturday, June 09, 2007 said...

Happy Birthday! It's 26? Or 27? I forget.... what a nice family outing!

Dawn Ling on Sunday, June 10, 2007 said...

It's 27- a step closer to 30s.. :/

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