Thursday, June 14, 2007

Whole day out

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, June 14, 2007
Today, CT was on leave. He went for full-body checkup in Ocean Towers for his new company as he would be leaving his existing one soon. Actually, his new company is his old company which he left previously to join this existing one to experience starting up a new plant in Jurong Island.Then few months back, his old company called him and told him that they hope to have him back to teach the younger engineers. So after much prayer, he decided to leave his existing one and go back to his old company.

So anyway,he went for checkup this morning and we met up for lunch at our friend's Ramen shop in Robinson Road. I parked my car at Kembangan MRT station and took a train down to Tanjong Pagar. And was surprised that at about 10 plus am, the train was full and as expected, no one stood up for me. Only finally after 10 mins, this guy stood up to get ready to leave, that I quickly went to the seat and sat down.

So we had lunch at our friend's shop who prepares fresh ingredient and their ramen noodles and soup broth is especially yummy. Its authentic ramen shop that only sells 4 kinds of ramen with no side frills. They have quite a number of regular Japs who frequent their shop and at lunch time from 12 noon-1pm, their small little eatery is packed with many queuing outside requesting to take away.

Knowing the timing, we purposely went to this shop at 11am when it first opened so that we can have time to chat with my friend. I learnt a lot about all the intricate details to having your own shop and hiring workers. Now, I kind of respect these kind of people it is def not easy setting up your own shop and managing it.

After lunch, we took a bus down to Suntec where we watched Fantastic Four. Today is actually the day where the movie opens. The theatre was quite empty and I enjoyed the space I had. The movie was a let down as you can see in my movie info on the right hand side column of my blog. Did not really enjoy it...but since we had credit card points, we could watch movies for free. I think I have not paid for a movie for a very long time already. Haha..

After walking around in Suntec window shopping, we walked to the MRT to take a train back to Kembangan station and sigh, the train was packed with people and no one stood up for me. All looked at me as if some kind of monster and they seemed to wait for someone to give up their seat for me. So in the end, I stood up the whole way in the train from City Hall to Kembangan as CT supported me on occasions when the train leaves the station or stops in a station where it is most jerky so that I do not lose my balance.

Along the way, there was someone who stood up to alight, but one middle-aged woman quickly went to grab that seat instead of giving it up to me. CT asked me how come I didnt rush to get it. I said, she was already bent on grabbing it already since it was quite immediate and I definitely would not be fast enough to walk there and sit before her. Sigh...Kudos to ugly Singaporeans once again!


Sher on Friday, June 15, 2007 said...

aarrrggh!!!! unbelievable!!!!

is there the remotest possibility that people are afraid you are not pregnant but fat and hence dont want to insult you? (u do look remarkably normal for a woman in her third tri! wat older folks would call a very neat tummy)

kidkat on Saturday, June 16, 2007 said...

yup...believe it sher...thats singaporeans for you @.@ i took the mrt once when i was 8 mths preggers with Janine and not a soul offered me a seat. the worst thing is they PRETEND u dun exist even when u tummy is like sticking into their face...tsk tsk. courtesy campaign FAIL!

Dawn Ling on Saturday, June 16, 2007 said... tummy is rather obvious and I was standing right in front on this guy who was sitting in the corner seat which is supposed to give up seat for pregnant or elderly...and he just fell asleep while I stick my tummy facing him. Haha..sigh..still no use.

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