Saturday, June 23, 2007

Getting to know one another

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, June 23, 2007
Tonight after dinner, CT suggested getting the family together (me and vicky) for a time of bible study as well as a time to talk to one another since our week has been hectic, hardly have the time to talk.

Ct went through 2 passages in the bible and explained to us the meaning. So, Vicky and I listened and tried to understand more about the passage. During the week, all of us were memorising verses from bible so tonight, CT explained the context of what we memorised and the meaning so that what we have a better understanding of what we memorised.

Anyway, after all that bible study, we all shared. And Vicky said she wants to tell us something. So she started speaking and said that before she came to Singapore to work for us, she was stuck in Manila agency waiting for someone in singapore to employ her. She waited for 3 months but no results and she was very sad cos her allowance was going to run out and she had not much money left. She even thought of borrowing money from her other room-mates in the agency who were also waiting. She said she felt like crying. She said she took out her bible, started reading and praying. Then she switched agency and just only one week later, the news of her being accepted into Singapore came in and she was so thankful to God for answering her prayers. So during her sharing, she felt so happy and thankful to God.

She also said she was praying for a good Christian employer and her prayers came through when she came into our family. CT then also shared with her that many months back, we also prayed very hard for a good Christian helper who is very experienced. And out of the few applications that the agent passed to us, we chose her, or should I say, God chose her. So, we were all so encouraged by each other's sharing of how God is in the picture. He sure has His plans and ways of bringing people together.

We shared about our fears before we knew and met each other and indeed, we both have the same fears as we both understand it is a turning point in our lives where we have to try living with each other in the same house and the difficulties we might face. But God is good and being Christians, we know He has a plan for us and has chosen us to come together for a purpose and reason.

Then we also shared with one another about how we came to know Christ and accepted Him. So Vicky shared about how her best friends always tried to bring her to church but she didnt want to as she was a Roman Catholic from young and didnt feel the urge to convert. Then one night, she had a dream where she was alone in a white bright spacious room where someone called out to her and opened the bible in front of her. Anyway, the whole dream was very real and was touched by it that Vicky felt the urge to go with her friends to church and from then on, she accepted the Lord and was baptised.

When I hear stories of how others came to know the Lord, I am encouraged by the fact of how sometimes, it seems impossible but God makes it possible as He draws people to Him by some unexpected event or situation. At the end of these stories, the bottomline in all is that: God is in control and this has always been part of His big plan.

So, I am really encouraged by all the sharing that went on tonight and really appreciate CT for initiating this bible study. I guess we wanted to start this tonight as we wanted bible study, sharing and praying to be a culture in our family where God will always be in the center.

To God be the glory forever and ever. *Muack*


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